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  Departure Arrival
Airport Code KBHB CYYR
Elevation 83 160
Planned Runway 22 34
Current Weather 2020/11/28 13:56
KBHB 281356Z AUTO 26003KT 10SM BKN070 04/04 A2991 RMK AO2 SLP132 T00440039
2020/11/28 23:00
CYYR 282300Z 24004KT 15SM FEW130 SCT170 M07/M08 A2986 RMK AC2AC2 SLP116
Aircraft TBM 900
Flight Level 29,000
Plan Distance 719 NM
Flight Time 2:42
Block Fuel 797
V-Speeds (KIAS) V1=    VR=    V2=
V-Speeds are not available with certain aircraft. When using Simbrief Classic, please change plan fomat to JBU
Climb Profile 170/40
Descent Profile 2000FPM
Passenger Count 5
Cargo Weight 0
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You can automatically add published SID/STARs into your plan. Select the SID and/or STAR you wish and press the insert button. The recommended SID/STAR for the runway is shown as a guide. Not all airports have SID/STARs available. SID/STAR waypoints that are already in the genereated plan will be ignored.

Due to different versions between SimBrief and the SID/STAR source names may not match 100%. For example, JASPA5 may be the same as JASPA7 if 5 does not exist.

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