Here you can build your SimBrief plan without leaving the page. Simply fill out the fields and press the "generate" button. You are required to have a SimBrief account though to keep things fair. It will ask you to log in and then return you back to here automatically. Creating a SimBrief profile is quick, free, and it helps to track usage stats in an effort to keep both of our websites operational.

 Required Flight Details
Select the aircraft you will be using in Infinite Flight. If you are flying a fighter or just need a plan without fuel, select the Generic plane.
Departure Airport:
ICAO Airport code of your originating airport.
Departure Runway:
Which runway will you be departing from.
Arrival Airport :
ICAO Airport code of your destination.
Arrival Runway:
Which runway will you be landing on.
Cruising Altitude:
Your cruising altitude in feet. Select Auto if you wish SimBrief to calculate it for you.
 Fuel Options
Fuel/Weight Units:
Use this to make SimBrief match your settings in Infinite Flight for accurate fuel and weight settings.
Reserve Fuel:
Additional fuel for timeframe.
 Weight Options
Passenger Count:
Number of Passengers. Default is AUTO.
Cargo Weight:
Cargo weight in thousands. Cargo may be limited by aircraft weight limits.
 Additional Options
Departure Date:
Scheduled departure date.
Departure Time:
UTC time of departure.
Alternate Airport:
ICAO Airport code of your alternate airport. Fuel will be added to allow you to reach this destination if you have to divert.
Plan Stepclimbs:
A step climb in aviation is a series of altitude gains that improve fuel economy by moving into thinner air as an aircraft becomes lighter and becomes capable of faster, more economical flight. Default is Yes.