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Version 18.2


  1. Go to flight aware and find your flight you want to copy using FlightFinder.
  2. Under the Flight Data section on the right, click on "Decode"
  3. The flight plan will be displayed.
  4. Copy the whole url from that page. For example, https://flightaware.com/live/flight/DAL1911/history/20180106/0326Z/KATL/KDFW/route
  5. Paste it into the field above and press the button.
  6. The plan will be analyzed and compared to existing IF waypoints to generate your plan.
  7. If a waypoint could not be found, the GPS coordinates are used.
  8. Copy the final flight plan by clicking "Copy Flight Plan" from the bottom table
  9. Open Infinite Flight and paste the plan into your IF flight plan
  10. If needed, remove any incorrect waypoints due to duplicates
Sorry. This does not work for all countries :(

Last 20 Flight Plans, Out of 46378
Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Departure Arrival
2019-04-20 KMSP KLAS
2019-04-20 KSEA KBOI
2019-04-20 KMIA MKJS
2019-04-20 KCVG KATL
2019-04-20 KBOS EGLL
2019-04-20 KSEA KDEN
2019-04-20 KJFK LLBG
2019-04-20 KATL MGGT
2019-04-20 KATL MHLM
2019-04-20 KATL MHRO
2019-04-20 KATL MHTG
2019-04-20 KATL MKJP
2019-04-20 KATL MKJS
2019-04-20 KATL MMCZ
2019-04-20 KATL MMMX
2019-04-20 KATL MMMY
2019-04-20 KATL MMSD
2019-04-20 KATL MMUN
2019-04-20 KATL MNMG
2019-04-20 KATL MPTO