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Latest Infinite Flight Community events.

Malaysia Flight 370 Remembrance Flyout @ WMKK-080100ZMAR19

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    @Sean_Green wrote:

    Malaysia Flight 370 Remembrance Flyout 080100ZMAR19


    This coming March will mark the fifth anniversary of one of aviation’s most tragic mysteries. Malaysia Flight 370. Flight 370 was a scheduled international passenger flight operated by Malaysia Airlines that disappeared on 8 March 2014 while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to its destination, Beijing Capital International Airport in China. The crew of the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft last communicated with air traffic control (ATC) around 38 minutes after takeoff when the flight was over the South China Sea. The aircraft was lost from ATC radar screens minutes later, but was tracked by military radar for another hour, deviating westwards from its planned flight path, crossing the Malay Peninsula and Andaman Sea. It left radar range 200 nautical miles (370 km) northwest of Penang Island in northwestern Malaysia. With all 227 passengers and 12 crew aboard presumed dead, the disappearance of Flight 370 was the deadliest incident involving a Boeing 777 and the deadliest incident of Malaysia Airlines’ history.

    This event is dedicated to the passengers, crew and the families that lost their loved ones in this tragic event. Please join me in honoring them by finishing flight MH370 set out on.

    I am sending a request to the amazing flight team at DynamX to do a flyover and perform a missing man fly by formation.


    • Server : Expert
    • Departure Airport : WMKK
    • Departure Time : Saturday, March 9, 2019 1:00 AM
    • Arrival Airport : ZBAA
    • Aircraft : 777-200ER (B772)
    • Livery : Malaysia Airlines
    Flight Plan


    Departure Procedures
    • Climb to FL100 at 2500 FPM at 250 KIAS
    • After Climb to FL280 at 2000 FPM at 310 KIAS
    • Then climb to FL390 at 1000 FPM at M.84
    • Maintain 10nm separation at all times
    Approach Procedures
    • Information will be posted the day of in the group message

    While this event is designed to be flown to ZBAA in the B772 you may choose to fly anywhere you want. I ask that you maintain your livery and aircraft to the Malaysian Airlines fleet. If you choose to fly to an airfield other then ZBAA you will be responsible for your own route and fuel planning.


    • Spawn at your gate assignment at a minimum of 15 minutes prior to pushback for preflight planning and photos
    • Monitor Unicom once you spawn and please be professional and respectful. If you are not familiar with Unicom procedures please refer to this tutorial: Understanding Unicom by Mark Denton
    • Runway in use will be announced the day of the event in an group private message here on IFC or unless IFATC is available.


    Please include the following information when requesting a gate:

    • Gate request
    • Callsign
    • Airline (if other than Malaysia)
    • Destination (if other than ZBAA)


    If any qualified IFATC controllers would like to support this event please feel free to sign up as a controller. Your service is greatly appreciated.


    More gates will be added as needed.

    Terminal A
    Gate Callsign Pilot Airline Destination
    A02 @Cwilliams21 Malaysia Airlines ZBAA
    Terminal B
    Gate Callsign Pilot Airline Destination
    Terminal C
    Gate Callsign Pilot Airline Destination
    Position Controller
    Position Controller

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Southwest Virtual: Race to the Capital | Vol. 2 - Las Vegas | KLAX - 221930DEC18

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    @CaptJackson wrote:

    This event and thread made and organized by SWV Event Director @LouiePeach

    Event Description: Week 2

    • Joining us? I think you should. Jet off with this SWV exclusive series this week departing for Las Vegas, a city renowned for its vibrant nightlife, Vegas boasts fine dining, shopping and entertainment, this urban city is sure to impress.
    • Southwest Virtual would like to invite you to experience Race to the Capital, our signature event series dedicated to traversing the most iconic destinations, spectacular airports, and challenging approaches across the USA, Mexico and The Caribbean. Be part of the journey every other week as we pick up where we last left off.

    Event Details:

    Los Angeles/KLAX to Las Vegas/KLAS

    • Server: Expert Server [EX]
    • Region: North America
    • Start Information: 22/12/2018 @ 19:30[z]
    • End Information: 22/12/2018 @ 20:30[z]
    • Flight Time: 0h45m

    Flight Details:

    Air Frame : Any Southwest Aircraft

    Distance: 236 [NM]

    Block Fuel: 7051 [KG]
    Departure Runway: 25R
    Arrival Runway: 26R

    Cruise Altitude: FL290 @ M0.78

    Climb Profile:
    2000 ft. /min @ 250 kts until FL110
    2000 ft. /min @ 300 kts until FL280
    1000 ft. /min @ M 0.84 until FL330

    Descent Profile:
    Begin Descent 160NM from Destination
    -1800ft. /min @ M .80 until FL180
    -1800ft. / min @ 310kts until FL110
    -1800ft. / min @ 230 kts until FL040



    Flightplan may change on the day of the event based on weather conditions.


    • Airspace at both the departing and arriving airports may become very busy due to the high volume of traffic; however we do ask that you follow ATC instructions at all times, failure to do so could result in consequences.
    • Only pushback once instructed to do so.
    • Ensure a safe distance between aircraft is kept on pushback, when taxiing, departing, at cruise and on descent.


    T1 Gate 9: @LouiePeach //
    T1 Gate 11A: @CaptJackson //
    T1 Gate 11B: @Cargo
    T1 Gate 12A: @Playr_Mar //
    T1 Gate 12B: @Tristan_Stanford //
    T1 Gate 13: @Beljany //
    T1 Gate 14: @J33ST3R //
    T1 Gate 15: @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
    T1 Gate 16: @joslleymiguel_holand
    T1 Gate 17A @Plane-Train-TV //
    T1 Gate 17B:
    T1 Gate 18A:
    T1 Gate 18B:

    // Indicates SWV QuickGate Sign-Up

    About Southwest Virtual

    Southwest Virtual is a new take on the original VA structure. We have two main divisions, one for pilots and passengers. We allow members of the community to book and “fly” with us while still providing an unparalleled experience to our pilots. With over 1,200 routes, and advanced and modern fleet, new crew center, active Slack channel, daily group flights, weekly events, and much more, SWV is the perfect place for a seasoned VA-veteran or first time VA pilot. Whether it be in the cockpit or the cabin, come join us and see what Southwest Virtual is all about!

    Main Thread
    Main Website
    Booking Website

    Southwest Virtual Event Etiquette


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Outback exploring @ YBBN - 222100ZDEC18

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    @Panther wrote:

    Look at that view

    Server: Expert

    Airport: YBBN

    Time: 2100Z --> 2018-12-22T21:00:00Z

    NOTAM: A fun adventure, please be professional and don’t troll

    Why not explore the amazing hot outback of Australia just before Christmas. Enjoy those stunning views of the Land Down Under!
    Come in a General Aviation aircraft to marvel at the red soil. No more spoilers! :)

    *Additional information will be PMed to those attending

    Destination Airline Aircraft
    Toowoomba (YBWW): Kendall


    Decathlon | C172 | C208 / Citation X / SR22 / TBM930
    Barcaldine (YBAR) QantasLink




    Decathlon | C172 | C208 / Citation X / SR22 / TBM930
    Roma (YROM) QantasLink




    Decathlon | C172 | C208 / Citation X / SR22 / TBM930
    Longreach (YLRE) QantasLink




    Decathlon | C172 | C208 / Citation X / SR22 / TBM930
    Alice Springs (YBAS) / Ayers Rock (YAYE) QantasLink




    Darwin (YPDN) Qantas

    Virgin Australia





    Perth (YPPH) Qantas

    Virgin Australia

    Gate Person Route / Aircraft
    Gate 01A - -
    Gate 01B - -
    Gate 01C - -
    Gate 01D - -
    Gate 03 -
    Gate 04 - -
    Gate 05 @ET_Mavic Qantas B738 - YPPH
    Gate 06 @panther Qantas B738 - YPPH
    Gate 16 - -
    Gate 26 - -
    Gate 27 - -
    Gate 28 - -
    Gate 29 - -
    Gate 30 - -
    Gate 31 - -

    Thanks to @AndrewRG10 & @Luke_M

    Photo credits to Stefan Drury

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Ayers Rock Fly-out @ YAYE - 232000ZDEC18

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    @hi15td wrote:

    Ayers Rock (Uluru) Fly-out @ YAYE

    Event Details

    Airport ICAO code: YAYE

    Server: Expert

    Time and date: 2000Z Sunday, December 23, 2018 8:00 PM

    Ayers Rock will have no ATC, make sure you know how to use unicom

    Fun Facts

    • Uluru is the native name for Ayers Rock
    • Ayers Rock is the worlds largest rock measuring 1.5 miles wide at it’s widest

    Parking Spots

    Information needed to put you down, spot, callsign, and if you are in IFGAC, or if your flying GA, I need aircraft and destination as well.

    Commercial Gates
    Spot User Callsign Aircraft & Destination IFGAC?
    Gate 1 @MLG_Man Qantas 717 to YBAS
    Gate 2 @hi15td HI15TD Qantas 717 to YBCS
    Gate 3 @Cwilliams21 Jetstar A320 to YSSY
    Gate 4 Jetstar A320 to YBBN
    Gate 5 @Plnelovr Virgin Australia 737 to YSSY
    General Aviation

    NOTE: No Cessna Citation X Allowed except in GA Ramp 16

    Spot User Callsign Aircraft & Destination IFGAC?
    GA Ramp 01 @Jerseyant G-JER08 TBM930 to YPPF
    GA Ramp 02
    GA Ramp 03
    GA Ramp 05
    GA Ramp 06
    GA Ramp 07
    GA Ramp 08
    GA Ramp 09
    GA Ramp 10
    GA Ramp 11
    GA Ramp 12
    GA Ramp 13
    GA Ramp 14
    GA Ramp 15
    GA Ramp 16

    Once filled, there is no more space.

    This event is partnered with: Infinite Flight General Aviation Club (IFGAC)

    This event is happy to be partnered with the Infinite Flight General Aviation Club! The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club is Infinite Flights largest and ONLY GA Club with over 130 active members!

    Check Them Out Here: The Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Join The Journey


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Mile High Fly High @ KDEN - 231900ZFEB19 {Sponsored by Plane & Pilot}

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    @baseball_inferno wrote:

    Server: Expert

    Airport: KDEN

    Time: 1900Z

    NOTAM: Spawn 15 Minutes Before The Time Of The Event


    Image Credit: https://bit.ly/2LmLVtC

    Why KDEN?

    After my last event at KDCA, I created a poll for people to decide where my next event should be. The winner of the poll was KDEN with a 43% vote. I myself have never been to Denver but my dad has. He distinctly remembers the fact that it was far away from the city of Denver itself. Conspiracy theorists believe that with the two times over-budget cost. The airport looks like it would cost the $2 billion of the original budget, but $4 billion were paid. It is a hub for Frontier Airlines and United Airlines, and is a focus city for Southwest Airlines and Boutique Air.

    There are 3 main terminals: Terminal A, Terminal B, and Terminal C.
    There is also a cargo apron which serves FedEx, UPS, and DHL.
    The FBO Signature Private Jet Co. operates here as well.

    Terminal A | Gates A22 - A83 | Delta | American | Frontier | JetBlue | Allegiant | Air Canada | Volaris | California Pacific | Boutique Air
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Gate A22
    Gate A24
    Gate A25
    Gate A26 MMMX 3h 29m AeroMexico/737-700
    Gate A27 KATL 2h 50m Delta/737-900
    Gate A28 KLAX Delta/717-200
    Gate A29 KDTW 2h 43m Delta/737-900
    Gate A30 KLGA 4h Delta/737-800
    Gate A31W KATL 2h 37m Delta/737-900
    Gate A32 KLAS 1h 42m Frontier/A319
    Gate A33 KJFK 3h 43m Delta/737-900
    Gate A33W MPTO 5h 24m Copa Airlines/737-800
    Gate A34 KSDF 2h 30m Frontier/A320 @Delta319
    Gate A35 KJFK 3h 43m JetBlue/A321 @Joseph_Krol
    Gate A36 KSNA 2h 11m Frontier/A320 @Jonesrox55
    Gate A37 KBOS 3h 59m JetBlue/A320
    Gate A37W EDDF 8h 29m Lufthansa/747-400
    Gate A38 KORF 3h 25m Frontier/A320
    Gate A39 KSEA 2h 50m Delta/717-200
    Gate A40 KSAT 2h 5m Frontier/A319
    Gate A41W EGLL 8h 52m British Airways/747-400
    Gate A42 MMUN 3h 44m Frontier/A320
    Gate A43 KCVG 2h 19m Allegiant/A320
    Gate A44 KSJC 2h 26m Frontier/A320
    Gate A45 MMMX 3h 51m Volaris/A320
    Gate A45W CYVR 2h 47m Air Canada/CRJ-900
    Gate A46 KTYS 2h 34m Frontier/A320
    Gate A47 BIKF 7h 1m Icelandair/757-200
    Gate A48 KDFW 1h 50m American/A321
    Gate A49 KORD 2h 42m American/737-800
    Gate A50 KMIA 3h 41m American/737-800 @Sebastian9915
    Gate A51 KCLT 3h 1m American/A321
    Gate A52 KSAN 2h 13m Frontier/A321
    Gate A53 KCLT 3h 2m American/A321
    Gate A56
    Gate A60 KPIR 55m California Pacific (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate A62A
    Gate A62B
    Gate A62C
    Gate A62D
    Gate A62E
    Gate A64A KAIA 47m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
    Gate A64B KCEZ 1h 6m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
    Gate A64C KALS 46m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
    Gate A64D KDDC 1h 10m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
    Gate A64E KCDR 50m Boutique Air (Maroon)/TBM-930
    Gate A66A KDRO 1h 30m Alpine Air (Skylink Express)/C208 Caravan
    Gate A66B KCYS 45m Alpine Air (Skylink Express)/C208 Caravan
    Gate A66C
    Gate A66D
    Gate A71
    Gate A73 KOMA 1h 22m Frontier/A319 @Aviation-21
    Gate A75 KORD 2h 35m Frontier/A319
    Gate A77
    Gate A79 KDCA 3h 13m Frontier/A319
    Gate A81
    Gate A83
    Terminal B | Gates B14 - B95 | United | Trans States Airlines
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Gate B14 KIAH 2h 21m United/737-900
    Gate B15 KLGA 3h 30m United/A320 @757fan
    Gate B16 PANC 5h 35m United/737-800
    Gate B17 KEWR 3h 39m United/737-900
    Gate B18 KEWR 3h 37m United/737-900
    Gate B20 KATL 2h 45m United/737-800
    Gate B21 PHOG 7h 23m United/757-200
    Gate B22 KBOS 3h 48m United/737-900
    Gate B23 KCID 1h 49m United/A320
    Gate B24 KDCA 3h 9m United/757-200
    Gate B25 KMCO 3h 22m United/737-900
    Gate B26 KMCI 1h 31m United/737-800
    Gate B27 KRDU 3h 11m United/737-800
    Gate B28 KORD 2h 18m United/757-200
    Gate B29 KGRR 2h 32m United/A320
    Gate B31 KAUS 2h 1m United/737-900
    Gate B32 RJAA 12h 5m United/787-8
    Gate B33 KIAD 3h 1m United/787-8
    Gate B35
    Gate B36 PHNL 7h 13m United/777-200ER
    Gate B37
    Gate B38 KDFW 1h 55m United/A320
    Gate B39 KLAX 2h 20m United/A320
    Gate B41 KLAS 1h 46m United/737-900
    Gate B42 KLAX 2h 19m United/757-200
    Gate B43 KCID 1h 45m United/A320
    Gate B44 KSFO 2h 36m United/737-900
    Gate B45 KSFO 2h 30m United/737-800
    Gate B46 KATL 2h 46m United/737-800
    Gate B47 MMSD 2h 55m United/737-900
    Gate B48 KCLT 3h 4m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B49 KDFW 1h 57m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B50 KSJC 2h 45m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B51 KASE 49m United/CRJ-700 @Wattsup_jet
    Gate B52 KOKC 1h 34m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B53 KBNA 2h 40m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B54 KDRO 1h 6m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B55
    Gate B56 CYYC 2h 11m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B57 KSAF 1h 23m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B58 KCOS 40m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B59 KFSD 1h 33m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B60 KASE 41m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B61 KHSV 2h 18m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B63 KMSO 2h 25m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B65 KDSM 1h 52m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B67 KMAF 1h 57m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B69 KGPI 2h 36m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B71 KHYS 1h 2m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B73 KSHV 2h 19m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B77 KABQ 1h 16m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B79 KATW 2h 8m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B80 KGJT 58m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B81 KISN 2h 1m Trans States (Generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B82 KCLE 2h 52m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B83 KOMA 1h 24m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B84 KDAY 2h 26m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B85 KOKC 1h 39m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B86 KLBL 1h 3m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B87 KAMA 1h 12m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B88 KSJC 2h 21m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B89 KBZN 1h 28m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B90 KTUL 1h 33m United/CRJ-700
    Gate B91 KTYS 2h 52m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B92 KLAR 39m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B93 KDRO 1h 22m Trans States (generic)/CRJ-200
    Gate B94 CYWG 2h 10m United/CRJ-200
    Gate B95
    Terminal C | Gates C23 - C51 | Southwest | United | Spirit | Alaska
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Gate C23 KDTW 2h 35m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C24 KLAS 1h 39m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C25 KSMF 2h 25m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C26 KBNA 2h 12m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C27 KSTL 1h 45m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C28 KCMH 2h 26m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C29 KMCO 3h 1m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C30 KSJC 2h 33m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C31 KMDW 2h 13m Southwest/737-700 @Joseph007
    Gate C32 KPDX 2h 29m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C33 KGRR 2h 5m Southwest/737-800 @Luke_Sta
    Gate C34 KLGA 3h 25m Southwest/737-700 @DEN_Airport
    Gate C35 KRDU 2h 55m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C36 KSLC 1h 19m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C37 KIND 2h 14m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C38 KSEA 2h 51m United/A320
    Gate C39 KSEA 2h 43m Alaska/737-900
    Gate C40 KSNA 2h 10m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C41 KTPA 3h 4m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C42 KOKC 1h 24m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C43 KSAT 1h 55m Southwest/737-700 @JeromeJ
    Gate C44 MMUN 3h 40m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C45 KHOU 2h 26m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C46 KPHX 1h 45m Southwest/737-700
    Gate C47 KFLL 3h 33m Southwest/737-800
    Gate C48 KBWI 3h 12m Spirit/A320
    Gate C49 KSFO 2h 26m Southwest/737-700 @Cargo
    Gate C50 KORD 2h 14m Spirit/A321
    Gate C51 KTPA 3h 19m Southwest/737-700
    Cargo Apron | FedEx | UPS | DHL
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    FedEx Apron 2 KMEM 1h 54m FedEx (Generic)/767-300
    FedEx Apron 3 KMEM 2h 2m FedEx (Generic)/767-300
    FedEx Apron 4
    FedEx Apron 5
    FedEx Apron 8
    FedEx Apron 9
    FedEx Apron 10W
    FedEx Apron 11
    FedEx Apron 14
    FedEx Apron 16
    FedEx Apron 17
    UPS Apron 20 KDFW 1h 32m UPS (generic)/767-300
    UPS Apron 20W
    UPS Apron 22 KRNO 1h 47m UPS/A330-200F
    UPS Apron 24
    UPS Apron 26
    UPS Apron 30 KONT 1h 46m UPS/A330-200F
    DHL Apron 31
    UPS Apron 32
    DHL Apron 33
    DHL Apron 33W
    DHL Apron 35
    FBO Signature
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 1 KMCK 1h 5m Black, Red & White TBM-930
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 2 KIOW 1h 54m N800WT (Any Livery)/Cessna Citation X
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 3 KCEZ 41m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 4 KSAA 32m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 5 KMIA 3h 15m Any Livery/Cessna Citation X
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 6
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 7
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 8
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 9
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 10
    FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 11

    Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

    More Info

    This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @AIDoLS.


    Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Slack

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City of Roses Flyout @ KPDX - 122000ZJAN19

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    @ClarenceTheAvgeek wrote:

    Image Source

    Event Information

    Server: Expert
    Date: 2019-01-12T20:00:00Z
    Airport: KPDX - Portland International Airport, Oregon


    • Please spawn in 10 to 15 minutes prior to the event start

    • Departure runways and procedures will be provided the day of the event in this thread

    • You are in charge of your flight plan and fuel. You can use fpltoif.com or check #tutorials.

    • There are multiple routes that are flown using a certain livery that is currently not in IF, you can either fly the Generic livery or another aircraft of similar size for that same airline.

    • Unfortunately, I cannot add every single route into this event due to gate space. However, if you’d like to change your destination, feel free to tell me.

    • Unicom will most likely be the source of ATC communications, please act professionally. If someone next to you is pushing back, you should not be pushing back at the same time as them. Hope you enjoy the event!


    To reserve a gate, comment what gate, route, and aircraft you plan on using.

    Concourse A
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    A1: Alaska E175 (Generic) Tucson (KTUS)
    A2: Alaska Q400 Eugene (KEUG) @Jonesrox55
    A3: Alaska E175 (Generic) Missoula (KMSO)
    A4: Alaska Q400 Boise (KBOI)
    A5: Alaska Q400 Spokane (KGEG)
    A6: Alaska Q400 Medford (KMFR)
    A7: Alaska E175 (Generic) Santa Barbara (KSBA) @Plnelovr
    A8: Alaska E175 (Generic) Burbank (KBUR)
    A9: Alaska Q400 Billings (KBIL) @Colin_Bondi
    A10: Alaska E175 (Generic) Reno (KRNO)
    A11: Alaska Q400 Redmond/Bend (KRDM)
    A12: Alaska Q400 Fresno (KFAT)
    Concourse B
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    B1: Alaska B737-800 Alburquerque (KABQ)
    B2: Alaska B737-900 Orlando (KMCO) @Aviation_1298
    B3: Alaska B737-800/900 Boston (KBOS)
    Concourse C
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    C1: Alaska A320 San Francisco (KSFO)
    C2: Alaska B737-800 Orange County (KSNA)
    C3: Alaska B737-900 Los Angeles (KLAX) @Sebastian9915
    C4: Alaska B737-800/900 Kahului (PHOG)
    C5: Alaska A320 San Jose (KSJC) @Declan_O
    C6: jetBlue A320 New York/Kennedy (KJFK)
    C7: Alaska B737-900 Honolulu (PHNL)
    C8: Alaska B737-800 Oakland (KOAK)
    C9: Alaska B737-800 Lihue (PHLI)
    C10: Alaska B737-900 San Diego (KSAN)
    C11: Alaska B737-800/900 Las Vegas (KLAS)
    C12: Southwest B737-700 Sacramento (KSMF) @Asorb
    C13: Southwest B737-800 Phoenix (KPHX) @JeromeJ
    C14: Southwest B737-800 San Jose (KSJC) @BigBert10
    C15: Southwest B737-700 Denver (KDEN) @Luke_Sta
    C16: Southwest B737-800 San Diego (KSAN) @Plane-Train-TV
    C17: American A321 Dallas/Fort Worth (KDFW)
    C18: US Airways E175 (AA) Phoenix (KPHX)
    C19: American B737-800 Chicago (KORD)
    C20: US Airways E175 (AA) Los Angeles (KLAX)
    C21: American A321 Charlotte (KCLT)
    C22: American B737-800 Phoenix (KPHX)
    Concourse D
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    D1: United A320 San Francisco (KSFO)
    D2: Air Canada Q400 Vancouver (CYVR)
    D3: Delta B737-800 Los Angeles (KLAX)
    D4: Volaris A319 Guadalajara (MMGL)
    D5: Delta B737-800/900 Salt Lake City (KSLC) @Kyle.r24
    D6: Spirit A320 Las Vegas (KLAS)
    D7: Delta B767-300 Amsterdam Schipol (EHAM)
    D8: Frontier A320/A321 Denver (KDEN)
    D9: Delta E170 Seattle (KSEA)
    D10: Hawaiian B767-300 Honolulu (PHNL)
    D11: Delta B767-300 Tokyo Narita (RJAA)
    D12: Aeromexico B737-800 (Generic) Mexico City (MMMX)
    D13: Delta B737-800 New York/Kennedy (KJFK) @ClarenceTheAvgeek
    D14: Delta B737-900 Detroit (KDTW) @Delta319
    D15: Delta B737-900 Atlanta (KATL) @AsternDestroyer
    Concourse E
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    E1: United B737-800 Denver (DEN)
    E2: United B737-900 Chicago (KORD)
    E3: United B737-900 New York/Newark (KEWR)
    E4: United B737-700 Houston (KIAH)
    Gate Airline & Aircraft Destination Pilot
    FDX 01 FedEx MD11F Memphis (KMEM)
    FDX 02 FedEx MD11F Oakland (KOAK)
    FDX 03 FedEx B772F Anchorage (PANC)
    FDX 04 FedEx MD11F Indianapolis (KIND)
    DHL 01 Southern Air B772F Cincinnati (KCVG)
    UPS 01 UPS B767-300 Louisville (KSDF) @Playr_Mar
    UPS 02 UPS MD11F Anchorage (PANC)
    UPS 03 UPS MD11F Honolulu (PHNL)
    UPS 04 UPS MD11F Ontario (KONT)

    More cargo gates can be added if needed.

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[3 attending 12 gates remaining]Lets bring VIDP into Action | VIDP flyout @ VIDP 010300ZJAN19

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    @Nidhish_Kataria wrote:

    Server: Training

    Airport: VIDP

    Time: 0300Z

    NOTAM:* This is my first proper event. VIDP is one of the most abandoned capital airports in infinite flight and you can hardly manage to find a flight taking off or landing there. The airport although being quite big hardly face any traffic. The airport has two runways and one of the most interesting ones is runway 29 which was extended and tilted at a weird angle to preserve a statue.

    I will be looking to get attendees especially if you will like to join me.

    There are some main routes such as the longest one in the world VIDP to KSFO which I will be doing but will make sure enough gates are left for anybody who will want to join me.



    Gates Terminal 3

    EY218, Etihad to Abu Dabhi 77W GATE D62 :@Amaar_viqar
    AI126, AIR India to Chicago 77W GATE D60:
    AI 114, Air India to Birmingham 787-8 GATE D58:
    JAL 740 to Narita Intl. 789 GATE D56:
    AI 183 (three people allowed) to San Francisco 788 GATE D54,52,50 respectively(mentioned after your name your name: @Nidhish_Kataria(gate 54)
    AI 173 (6 people allowed) San Francisco 788 GATE D53,51,49,47,45,43( again mentioned after your name):
    SU 233 Aeroflot to Moscow GATE D41 A333:
    SU 234 Aeroflot to Moscow GATE D39 A333:
    9W122 Jey airways to London (use any livery) GATE D37 77W:
    BA 142 British Airways to London Gate C27 787-10 :
    MH191 Malaysian airlines to Kuala Lumpur GATE C28 A333:
    AI101 air India to KJFK GATE C30:@Harish_kumar1
    LH761 Lufthansa to Frankfurt A388 Gate C32:
    CX694 Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong Gate C29 A333:
    SQ401 to Singapore 77W GATE C33:
    EK517 to Dubai 77W Gate C34:
    AC045 to Vancouver 789:
    MU546 to Shanghai A333:



    AI349 to mumbai 788 gate B20:@Rohan625
    Jet airways to Mumbai boieng 737:


    WIll have to be active for 1 hr
    VIDP tower:@racerhell513
    VIDP ground:@luke_Sta
    VIDP approach :@aryan_j2
    VIDP departure:


    Pls, request for a route that you want to fly and it is not present.

    More Domestic routes will be added on Request.

    More routes will be added when these are filled.

    Form the people who are flying with me the cruise is .84 Mach and altitude is 38000ft.

    ALso feel free to fly into to VIDP aswell The ATC will be active for 1 hr after start

    Hope you have fun…

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[Gates Going Fast!] Having fun in Long Beach! @ KLGB - 021800ZJAN19

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    @Luke_Sta wrote:

    Welcome to another event of mine! Today I will be hosting a Long Beach Flyout!

    Image Source

    Why Long Beach?

    Long Beach seems like an underserved Airport in IF, often overshadowed and overlooked by KLAX, and a Focus city for JetBlue.

    This event is on the day after new year’s, and let’s take all the partiers home!

    What is some useful/basic information about this fly out?

    Server: Training (I might change to expert)
    Airport/Region: KLGB/Southern California
    Date And Time: 2019-01-02T18:00:00Z (this translates to your local time zone)
    NOTAM: Spawn in 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time for photos. I will push back first, then Gate 2, 3, 4 and so forth. Have fun!


    I can change gates, just notify me if you want a route changed if it is a real route.

    List of gates:

    Commercial Gates
    Gate Route Airline Aircraft User Callsign
    Gate 1 KLGB-KDEN Southwest 737-700 @Luke_Sta Southwest 212
    Gate 2 KLGB-KOAK Southwest 737-700 @JeromeJ Southwest 4872
    Gate 3 KLGB-KPHX American CRJ-900 Open
    Gate 4 KLGB-KSLC Delta E-170 @Matthew_20204 Delta 712
    Gate 5 KLGB-KHDN JetBlue A320 Open
    Gate 6 KLGB-KJFK JetBlue A320 Open
    Gate 7 KLGB-KLAS JetBlue A320 Open
    Gate 8 KLGB-KBZN JetBlue A320 @Aviation-21 JetBlue 21
    Gate 9 KLGB-KFLL JetBlue A320 Open
    Gate 10 KLGB-KSFO JetBlue A320 @Jonesrox55 JetBlue 55
    Gate 11 KLGB-KSJC JetBlue A320 @AviationGaming JetBlue 1926
    Gate Route Airline Aircraft User Callsign
    UPS 1 KLGB-KSDF UPS 757 @Sebastian_Bremnes DY7089
    General Aviation
    Gate Route Aircraft User Callsign
    FBO Gulfstream 01 KLGB-Anywhere Any GA Aircraft Open
    FBO Signature Flight Support KLGB-Anywhere Any GA Aircraft Open
    GA SW 01 KLGB-Anywhere Any GA Aircraft Open
    GA SW 03 KLGB-Anywhere Any GA Aircraft Open
    Gate Route Aircraft User Callsign
    MIL North 01 KLGB-Anywhere Any Military Aircraft Open
    MIL North 03 KLGB-Anywhere Any Military Aircraft Open
    MIL North 05 KLGB-Anywhere Any Military Aircraft Open
    Position User
    KLGB Ground @Nidhish_Kataria
    KLGB Tower Open
    KLGB Departure Open
    KLGB Approach Open

    More Gates Will be Added if needed.

    Trying out a new format :)

    How would you vote this event thread?

    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10

    0 voters

    I hope to see you in Long Beach!

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(ONLY 3 GATES LEFT!) Australian Exploring Episode 1: Uluru- @ YBAS - 052300ZJAN19

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    @AviationMad wrote:

    Welcome to my new Series: Exploring Australia. This is Episode 1. We will be flying from Alice Springs to Uluru, doing a touch and go there, then doing a couple of loops around Uluru and finally flying back to Alice Springs (YBAS). I would love for you to come!

    Server: Expert

    Airport: YBAS

    Time: 2019-01-04T23:00:00Z


    • As this is on Expert Server, there will most likely be no ATC

    • Be respectful towards others and act in a professional way

    • No Trolling


    Here are your options:

    1. Qantas 737

    2. Virgin Australia 737

    3. Jetstar A320

    4. Qantaslink 717

    5. Qantaslink A320

    Requesting a Gate

    If you would like a gate, reply below with the following information:

    • Aircraft you would like

    • Your Callsign

    Once I get to your reply you will be given a gate.


    Gate 02: @AviationMad Qantas 737 | VH-AVM
    Gate 03: @Ash_Rand Qantaslink A320 | VH-AKR
    Gate 04: @Pilotcorn09 Virgin Australia 737 | VH-TSV
    Gate 05: @sam2875 Qantas 737-800 | QFA1095
    Gate 06:
    Gate 07:
    Gate 08:

    There are only 7 gates and more gates will not be added. First Come, First Serve.

    Flight Plan


    We will have to deviate from the FPL a bit once we get to Uluru. So, I will depart first and remain at the front to lead the way. Everyone else can follow me.

    Additional Flight Details

    Speed: 240kts
    Cruising Altitude: 4000ft

    I hope to see you there!

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[Cancelled] Houston Hobby LCC Southwest fly out @KHOU 222000ZDEC18

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    @JeromeJ wrote:

    Southwest Airlines fly out event. Support Hobby airport and come show it some love.

    Note: This is not sponsored by Southwest Virtual but if they’d like to be a part in it, just let me know.

    Flight Info


    Airport: William P. Hobby International Airport (KHOU)

    Server: Expert

    Event NOTAM:

    Departure information will be provided in group message near the time of the event. You are encouraged to but not required to fly Southwest. Flying another airline is fine if they fly to KHOU. Real routes only please you can find them here

    Terminal Info (airlines and aircraft serving KHOU)

    Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
    American Eagle N/A Crj-200, 700,& 900
    Delta DAL B717
    Jetblue JBU E190, A320
    Southwest Airlines SWA B737, B738
    Main Terminal
    Gate Airline/Aircraft &Destination
    Gate 20: SWA 737 KABQ
    Gate 21: SWA 737 KGSP
    Gate 22: SWA 737 KSAT
    Gate 23: SWA 738 KATL @SirMarkieMark
    Gate 24: SWA 737 KDAL @Kevinsoto1502
    Gate 25: SWA 738 KBWI
    Gate 26: SWA 738 KDEN
    Gate 27: SWA 738 KLAX
    Gate 28: American Crj700 KDFW
    Gate 29: JetBlue A320 KJFK
    Gate 30: American Eagle Crj900 KDFW
    Gate 31: SWA 738 KSJC @BigBert10
    Gate 32: Delta B717 KATL
    Gate 33: SWA 738 KPIT
    Gate 34: SWA 738 KMDW
    Gate 35: SWA 737 KSLC @Captain_JR
    Gate 36: SWA 738 KPHX
    Gate 37: SWA 737 KCRP
    Gate 38: SWA 738 KSMF
    Gate 39: SWA 737 KTPA
    Gate 40: SWA 738 KFLL
    Gate 41: SWA 738 KMCO
    Gate 42: SWA 737 KLGA
    Gate 43: SWA 738 KMSY @DiamondGaming4
    Gate 44: SWA 737 KOKC
    Gate 45: SWA 737 KELP @Plane-Train-TV
    Gate 46: SWA 738 KLAS @VegasAviation
    Gate 47: SWA 738 KOAK (SWVA) @Playr_Mar
    Gate 48: SWA 737 KDCA
    Gate 49: SWA 737 KLBB
    Gate 50: SWA 738 KTUL
    Gate 51: SWA 738 KOMA
    International Terminal
    Gate Airline/Aircraft&Destination
    Gate 1 SWA 737 MMMX @BlueAcidball
    Gate 2 SWA 737 TNCA
    Gate 3 SWA 737 MROC
    Gate 4 SWA 738 MMPR
    Gate 5 SWA 737 TJSJ
    General Aviation
    Gate Aircraft & Destination
    Apron 1 TBM 930
    Apron 2 CitationX
    Apron 3 CitationX

    Have a nice one and see you there

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US Airways Event l New Year to Hawaii @KPHX - 021800ZJAN19

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    @Tyler_shah wrote:

    Server: Training

    Airport: KPHX-PHOG

    Time: 1800Z

    This flight is approximately 5 1/2 hours. We will be leaving from Phoenix Shy Harbor International and landing at Kahului International Airport on the island of maui with a beautiful approach. We will be using the US Air 757.

    Right now we will depart from Runway 26 and we will be landing at Runway 2. But this is subject to change.

    Aircraft: US Air Boeing 757
    Fuel: 7 1/2 hours to 8 hours
    Route: (will be posted closer to event)

    If you want to sign up just tell me what gate you want and more gates will be added if need be.

    B01 @Aviation_1298

    This is the first event I have created so tell me if there is anything I can improved on

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[12 ATTENDING] Big Australia Day Fly-Out @ YSSY - 262200ZJAN19

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    @Luke_M wrote:


    Australia Day is the official national day of Australia.
    Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip.

    Join us aussies and IFC members at Sydney Intl Airport for a massive Australian Day Fly-Out Event!

    We will all be gathering at the main/busiest hub for Australia and the airport closest to the landings in 1788;
    Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

    Sydney Airport [YSSY] [SYD] is one of the world’s longest continuously operated commercial airports and is the busiest airport in Australia, handling 42.6 million passengers and 348,904 aircraft movements in 2016–17. It’s also a vital role of Qantas’s flight operations as Sydney is Qantas’s main hub for all flight operations and currently 46 domestic and 43 international destinations are served to Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport


    Please be sure to read throughly all event details:


    Displayed in your timezone:

    January 25, 2019 10:00 PM



    Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport



    • This event will be conducted on the Expert Server
    • Regarding ATC, we are hoping that Tyler S could include this event in his 21-27 Jan 19 ATC Schedule


    To request a gate,
    Please state the Airline, Destination and Aircraft of your flight and you will be provided with a gate
    Please additionally make sure that your flight is a real flight by checking here
    And also please note that the gate reservations are first in, best dressed

    Thanks for your understanding!



    Terminal One (T1)

    International Terminal

    • Air_Canada_tail Air Canada
    • Air_China_tail Air China
    • Air_India_tail Air India
    • Air_New_Zealand_tail Air New Zealand
    • Air_Niugini_tail Air Niugini
    • Air_Vanuatu_tail Air Vanuatu
    • AirAsia-tailfin-64x50 Air Asia X
    • Aircalin_tail AirCalin
    • All_Nippon_Airways_tail All Nippon Airways
    • AmericanAirlines_tail American Airlines
    • Asiana_Airlines_tail Asian Airlines
    • British_Airways_tail British Airways
    • JD_tailfin Capital Airways
    • SQ Cathay Pacific Airways
    • Cebu_Pacific_tail Cebu Pacific Air
    • China_Airlines_tail China Airlines
    • China_Eastern_tail China Eastern Airlines
    • China_Southern_tail China Southern Airlines
    • Delta_tail Delta Air Lines
    • Emirates_tail Emirates
    • Etihad_tail Ethiad Airways
    • Fiji_Airways_tail Fiji Airways
    • Garuda_tail Garuda Indonesia
    • Hainan_Airlines_tail Hainan Airlines
    • Hawaiian_tail Hawaiian Airlines
    • JAL_tail Japan Airlines
    • Jetstar_tail Jetstar
    • Korean_Air_tail Korean Air
    • LATAM_tail LATAM
    • Malaysia_tail Malaysia Airlines
    • Phillipine_Airlines_tail Philippine
    • Qantas_tail Qantas
    • QatarAirways_tail Qatar Airways
    • Samoa_Airways Samoa Airways
    • Scoot_tail_FA Scoot
    • Sichuan_Airlines_tail Sichuan Airways
    • _tail Singapore Airlines
    • Thai_tail Thai Airways
    • 18a0093_Sydney_Airport_Tianjin_Tail_DesignV3 Tianjin Airlines
    • United_Airlines_tail United Airlines
    • Vietnam_Airlines_tail Vietnam Airlines
    • Virgin_Australia_airlines_tail Virgin
    • Xiamen_tail Xiamen Airlines

    yes, i downloaded all of those tails and typed all of those airlines out

    Terminal Two (T2)

    Domestic Terminal

    • FC-TailLogo Fly Corporate
    • FlyPelican_tail Fly Pelican
    • Jetstar_tail JetStar
    • Qantas_tail Qantas/QantasLink
    • Rex_Regional_Express_tail Rex
    • tiger_airways_tail Tiger Air
    • Virgin_Australia_airlines_tail Virgin
    Terminal Three (T3)

    Qantas Domestic Terminal

    Qantas_tail Qantas/QantasLink - ONLY DOMESTIC



    Terminal One (T1)
    Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
    Cargo 1-01 – B744 @ET_Mavic EK/772 Dubai
    Cargo 1-02 – B744
    Cargo 1-03 – B744
    Cargo 1-04 – B744
    Cargo 1-05 – A388/B748
    Cargo 1-06 – A388/B748
    Gate 1-08 – A388/B748 @Luke_M QFA/A388 Dubai
    Gate 1-09 – A388/B748 @Luke_Sta DAL/788 Los Angeles
    Gate 1-10 – A388/B748 @Jonesrox55 QFA/A388 Los Angeles
    Gate 1-24 – A388/B748 @joslleymiguel_holand LH/A388 Frankfurt
    Gate 1-25 – B748
    Gate 1-30 – B744
    Gate 1-31 – B744
    Gate 1-32 – B744
    Gate 1-33 – B744
    Gate 1-34 – B744
    Gate 1-35 – B744
    Gate 1-36 – B744
    Gate 1-37 – B744
    Gate 1-50 – B742 @AviationGaming UAL/789 Houston
    Gate 1-51 – B744
    Gate 1-53 – B744
    Gate 1-54 – B744
    Gate 1-55 – B737/A320
    Gate 1-56 – B744
    Gate 1-57 – A388/B748
    Gate 1-58 – B744
    Gate 1-59 – B744
    Gate 1-60 – B744
    Gate 1-61 – A388/B748
    Gate 1-63 – B737/A320
    Terminal Two (T2)
    Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
    Gate 2-31 – 738
    Gate 2-32 – 738
    Gate 2-33 – 738/A320
    Gate 2-34 – A320/A321
    Gate 2-35 – 738/A320 @AviationMad VA/738 Sunshine Coast
    Gate 2-36 – A320
    Gate 2-38 – 738 @Pilotcorn09 VA/738 Townsville
    Gate 2-39 – 332
    Gate 2-40 – 332
    Gate 2-41 – 738/A321 @LachyRobertson VA/738 Ballina
    Gate 2-42– 738/A320 @Cwilliams21 VA/738 Sunshine Coast
    Gate 2-43 – 738/A320
    Gate 2-44 – 332
    Gate 2-45 – 332
    Gate 2-49 – B767/A321
    Gate 2-52 – 738/A321
    Gate 2-53 – B767/A321
    Gate 2-55 – B767/A321
    Gate 2-56 – 737/A320
    Gate 2-57 – A320
    Gate 2-58– 738/A320
    Gate 2-59 – A320
    Terminal Three (T3)
    Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Airline & Aircraft Destination
    Gate 2-01 – 738 @Jonathan_limento QFA/738 Melbourne
    Gate 2-02 – 763 @Samuel_Maltry1 QFA/738 Melbourne
    Gate 2-03 – 738
    Gate 2-04 – A332
    Gate 2-05 – 738
    Gate 2-06 – 763
    Gate 2-07 – 738
    Gate 2-08 – 738
    Gate 2-09 – 738
    Gate 2-10 – 744
    Gate 2-11 – A333
    Gate 2-12 – 738
    Gate 2-13 – A333
    Gate 2-14 – DH8D
    Gate 2-16 – 763
    Gate 2-17 – DH8D


    Questions, comments, enquires, requests?

    Feel free to shoot me a PM or send me a message here on this thread

    Hope to see you in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia!


    @ET_Mavic; For creating an awesome gate List
    @Lachy_R @Panther and @Jonathan_limento for helping me out

    Thanks guys!

    Image Credits


    Sydney airport charts


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[21 Attendees] Huge Las Vegas Fly-Out @ KLAS - 201800ZJAN19

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    @VAnuj wrote:


    Why KLAS?

    McCarran International Airport is located in the beautiful state of Nevada. Located in the heart and soul of Nevada, you will be amazed by the beautiful mountains. If you have the correct route, maybe you’ll even see the Grand Canyon!

    Important Information.

    Date & Time: Sunday, 2019-01-20T18:00:00Z

    Server: Expert

    Airport: KLAS // Las Vegas, NV


    This is a Flyout type of event, meaning we do not fly an established route. For this event, you will pick a gate with an assigned route. The assigned gate will have this information: Route, Aircraft & Airline.


    • You will need to get your own flight plan and fuel. Check #tutorials on help with fuel planning.

    • To request a gate, just reply with what gate you would like.

    If you would like to request a route that is not listed, let me know and I will add it. It needs to be a real route out of KLAS.

    Gate Assigments.

    Terminal 1 (A Gates, B Gates, & C Gates)

    A Gates
    Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
    A3: KOMA / Allegiant A320-200
    A8: @esant_15 KGRI / Allegiant A320-200
    A10: KIND / Allegiant A320-200
    A11: KTYS / Allegiant A320-200
    A12: KTUL / Allegiant A320-200
    A14: KSCK / Allegiant A320-200
    A15: KELP / Alleigiant A320-200
    A17: KCVG / Alleigiant A320-200
    A18: KBIL / Alleigiant A320-200
    A19: KFAT / Alleigiant A320-200
    A20: KGRI / Alleigiant A320-200
    A21: KIND / Alleigiant A320-200
    A22: KBLI / Alleigiant A320-200
    A33: KTYS / Allegiant A320-200
    B Gates
    Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
    B6: KAUS / Allegiant A320-200
    B9: KDSM / Allegiant A320-200
    B10: KABQ / Southwest B737-700/800
    B11: @Joseph007 KMDW / Southwest B737-700/800
    B12: KDAL / Southwest B737-700/800
    B14: @Kate_Russell KAMA / Southwest B737-700/800
    B15: KBUF / Southwest B737-700/800
    B17: KELP / Southwest B737-700/800
    B19: KHOU / Southwest B737-700/800
    B20: KIAH / Spirt A321-200
    B21: KMCI / Spirit A321-200
    B22: KDFW / Spirit A321-200
    B23: KORD / Spirit A321-200
    B24: KOAK / Spirit A321-200
    B25: KCMH / Spirit A321-200
    C Gates
    Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
    C1: KCMH / Southwest B737-700/800
    C2: KPIT / Southwest B737-700/800
    C3: @GlobalFlyer1 KSJC / Southwest B737-700/800
    C4: @ItsBlitz KBNA / Southwest B737-700/800
    C5: @Luke_Sta KDEN / Southwest B737-700/800
    C7: @Plane-Train-TV KBWI / Southwest B737-700/800
    C8: @JeromeJ KBWI / Southwest B737-700/800
    C9: @BigBert10 KSJC / Southwest B737-700/800
    C11: @Plnelovr KIND / Southwest B737-700/800
    C12: KCMH / Southwest B737-700/800
    C14: @Kevinsoto1502 KLIT / Southwest B737-700/800
    C16: KLBG / Southwest B737-700/800
    C19: KRDU / Southwest B737-700/800
    C21: @Cargo KBUR / Southwest B737-700/800
    C22: KSDF / Southwest B737-700/800
    C23: @Shadow87645 KMKE / Southwest B737-700/800

    Terminal 3 (D Gates & E Gates)

    D Gates (T1 and T3)
    Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
    D5: @Benjwri KLAX / American A321-200
    D8: KORD / American B737-800
    D9: KPHX / American A321-200
    D10: KDFW / American A320-200
    D11: KJFK / American B737-800
    D12: KMIA / American B737-800
    D14: KPHL / American A321-200
    D16: @BlueAcidball KSFO / Frontier A321-200
    D17: KCOS / Frontier A320-200
    D18: KBNA / Frontier A321-200
    D19: KORF / Frontier A321-200
    D20: KRDU / Frontier A321-200
    D21: KGEG / Frontier A320-200
    D22: KSTL / Frontier A321-200
    D23: CYYZ / Air Canada A321-200
    D24: CYUL / Air Canada A321-200
    D25: CYYC / Air Canada A321-200
    D32: KLAX / Delta CRJ-700
    D33: KSEA / Delta B737-800/900
    D34: @Delta319 KBOS / Delta 737-800/900
    D36: KSJC / Delta A319-100
    D38: @Jonesrox55 KSEA / Delta B737-800/900
    D39: KCVG / Delta B737-800/900
    D40: KSLC / Delta A321-200
    D42: KMSP / Delta B737-800/900
    D43: @Dylan_M KJFK / Delta B737-800/900
    D50: @ClarenceTheAvgeek KSLC / Delta B737-800/900
    D51: @Jack_H KORD / United B737-800/900
    D52: KLAX / United B737-800/900
    D53: @Sebastian9915 KDEN / United A320-200
    D54: @Playr_Mar KIAH / United B737-800/900
    D55: KEWR / United B737-800/900
    D56: KSFO / United A320-200
    D57: KIAD / United B737-800/900
    D58: @Matt02 KDCA / United B737-800/900
    D59: PHNL / Hawaiian B767-300
    E Gates
    Gate Pilot Destination & Aircraft
    E1: EGKK / Nowregian or Virgin Atlantic B787-900
    E2: RKSI / Korean Air B747-800
    E3: @Dubya EGKK / British Airways B777-200ER
    E4: @KingWings EGLL / British Airways B747-400
    E5: MMGL / volaris A320-200
    E6: CYEG / WestJet B737-700
    E7: MMMX / volaris A320-200
    E8: KLGB / jetBlue A320
    E9: KFLL / jetBlue A321-200
    E10: KBOS / jetBlue A321-200
    E11: CYYC / WestJet B737-700
    E12: KLAX / Alaska Airlines A320-200
    E13: @VAnuj KPDX / Alaska Airlines B737-800/900

    Extra Info.

    • On departure day, information like takeoff runways and departure procedures will be announced.

    • Please spawn 10-15 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

    • Please only pushback when the aircraft behind you has already pushed back. Be courteous.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me below, or send me a PM (Private Message). I’ll see you in Las Vegas!

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VGVA Presents "The Chrismtas Comet" - @KSFO 221500ZDEC2018

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    @VirginGroupVA wrote:

    VGVA Presents The Christmas Comet

    Now this isn’t your typical event, This thing is huge… so big you could call it a planetary voyage of epic proportions.
    Our voyage will start at the Capital of culture on the western seaboard San Francisco (KSFO). From there our sleds will take us on a journey to the north east to the beating heart and capital of Ontario Toronto (CYYZ) which happens to be the tallest free standing structure in the world the C N Tower. After a short stay there we will begin our Trans Atlantic voyage to the capital of the United Kingdom and the birth place of Virgin Group London (EGLL). Now for some that maybe enough… but we know you better than that, and yes we know your just getting warmed up, so for the next leg we invite you to come with us to our next destinations. Yes you did see an ‘s’ on the end of destination, thats because we have two destinations for this next sector. The first one is the oasis in the desert that is Dubai (OMDB) or the spectacular destination of Cape Town (FACT) with its spectacular Table top mountain and its very own climate to the second most southerly point on the South African sea board and its amazing beaches, and pilots this is somewhere that if you haven’t flown before then I highly recommend you fly too. It really is stunning and the DEVS have done and amazing job of rendering it.
    Then the next leg of the journey will begin at Dubai with its amazing skyline and beautiful man made islands to the one and only Sydney (YSSY) with its amazing Bridge that was manufactured in the U.K and sailed all the way there to provide the perfect back drop to the New Years firework show, to the gorgeous harbour and its signature landmark the Sydney Harbour Opera House.
    Now this is beginning to get to that epic voyage status we promised you. Because this is where the final sector will begin from. We will be departing sydney (YSSY) and making that HUGE trans Pacific hop to where it all started the culture capital of the western U.S.A San Francisco. And by the time we have all completed or taken part in this amazing journey I think you will have the bragging rights to come for years.

    You do not have to sign up for all of the legs you can sign up for 1 or as many as you would like but make sure to join some

    KSFO-CYYZ Christmas Event Leg 1

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Airbus A321 (Generic Livery)

    Depature Airport - KSFO | San Fransisco

    Depature Time - 1500z

    Arrival Airport - CYYZ Toronto,Canada

    Arrival Time - 1920z

    Flight Time - 4hr 20mins

    Flight Plan

    CYYZ SEDOG TANGI UDMUG 4526N/7830W 4532N/7824W 4600N/7800W 4948N/7430W ILUGO YWK HOIST 5600N/5000W 5800N/4000W 5900N/3000W 5800N/2000W SUNOT KESIX REVNU BAKUR STU 5145N/355W NUMPO OKESI BEDEK NIGIT D273L OCK EGLL

    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    T2 Gate 50 @Juan_Oosthuizen Virgin
    T2 Gate 51A @Christopher_Coyne Virgin
    T2 Gate 51B @Trevor_A Virgin
    T2 Gate 52 @knellered Virgin
    T2 Gate 53 @N339RGsuper_bruce Virgin
    T2 Gate 54A @Laurent_Wellman Virgin
    T2 Gate 54B Virgin
    T2 Gate 55 Virgin
    T2 Gate 56A Virgin

    CYYZ-EGLL Christmas Event Leg 2

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Boeing 787 Virgin Atlantic

    Depature Airport - CYYZ | Toronto, Canada

    Depature Time - 2000z

    Arrival Airport - EGLL London-Heathrow

    Arrival Time - 0242z

    Flight Time - 6hr 42mins

    Flight Plan

    CYYZ SEDOG TANGI UDMUG 4526N/7830W 4532N/7824W 4600N/7800W 4948N/7430W ILUGO YWK HOIST 5600N/5000W 5800N/4000W 5900N/3000W 5800N/2000W SUNOT KESIX REVNU BAKUR STU 5145N/355W NUMPO OKESI BEDEK NIGIT D273L OCK EGLL

    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    T3 Gate A01A @Christopher_Coyne Virgin
    T3 Gate A01C @Juan_Oosthuizen Virgin
    T3 Gate A02 @Trevor_A Virgin
    T3 Gate A03 @knellered Virgin
    T3 Gate A04 @N339RGsuper_bruce Virgin
    T3 Gate A05 @Laurent_Wellman Virgin
    T3 Gate A06 Virgin
    T3 Gate B7D Virgin
    T3 Gate B08 Virgin

    EGLL-FACT Christmas Event Leg 3

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Boeing 747-400 (Generic Livery)

    Depature Airport - EGLL | London-Heathrow

    Depature Time - 0500z

    Arrival Airport - FACT Johannesburg

    Arrival Time - 1600z

    Flight Time - 11hr 00mins

    Flight Plan


    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    T2 Gate 325 @Trevor_A Virgin
    T2 Gate 326 @N339RGsuper_bruce Virgin
    T2 Gate 327 Juan Virgin
    T2 Gate 328 Virgin
    T2 Gate 329 Virgin
    T2 Gate 330 Virgin
    T2 Gate 331 Virgin
    T2 Gate 332 Virgin
    T2 Gate 334 Virgin

    EGLL-OMDB Christmas Event Leg 3

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Boeing 787-9 (Virgin Atlantic)

    Depature Airport - EGLL | London-Heathrow

    Depature Time - 0500z

    Arrival Airport - OMDB Dubai

    Arrival Time - 1600z

    Flight Time - 8hr 42mins

    Flight Plan

    EGLL 5129N/031W 5120N/023W 5119N/022W DET32 5119N/010W D272E DET DVR KONAN 5106N/238E KOK FERDI BUPAL REMBA 5031N/537E PELIX MATUG AMASI UBIDU NONKO RIDSU VIBOM NOMBO RIDAR 4808N/1242E GOTAR KEROP TISAK RAVAK NISVA RIXEN BADOX 3913N/3517E GEM BULUT EZS PALUT 3840N/4013E NAREN RENGI 3752N/4240E 3721N/4313E 3645N/4333E 3617N/4348E 3549N/4402E 3517N/4419E 3430N/4440E 3343N/4503E 3318N/4515E 3254N/4527E 3238N/4535E DENKI ILMAP 3050N/4730E SIDAD IMDAT DURSI 2705N/5215E 2637N/5303E 2634N/5308E 2616N/5339E ORSAR 2548N/5440E 2526N/5503E OMDB

    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    T2 Gate 313 @knellered Virgin
    T2 Gate 316 @Laurent_Wellman Virgin
    T2 Gate 317 Virgin
    T2 Gate 318 Virgin
    T2 Gate 319 Virgin
    T2 Gate 320 Virgin
    T2 Gate 321 Virgin
    T2 Gate 322 Virgin
    T2 Gate 363 Virgin

    OMDB-YSSY Christmas Event Leg 4

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER (Virgin Australia)

    Depature Airport - OMDB | Dubai

    Depature Time - 1700z

    Arrival Airport - YSSY Sydney

    Arrival Time - 0100z

    Flight Time - 10hr 42mins

    Flight Plan

    OMDB 2518N/5517E 2514N/5510E 2509N/5517E 2509N/5528E 2503N/5540E 2455N/5548E ANVIX TARDI NOSMI 2355N/5705E MUSUK GEPOT GIDAN TOLDA EMURU 2137N/5918E TAVKO GOLNI KITAL BOLUR DONSA GOLEM ESMIT BIBGO 100N/7800E 200S/8100E 500S/8400E 600S/8500E 800S/8700E 1400S/9300E 2000S/10000E 2500S/10700E POKIP DALWU 3200S/12200E FILET 3400S/13000E HYDRA 3450S/13600E 3457S/13831E PANKI 3458S/14314E TOBOB 3446S/14857E CULIN RIVET TAMMI YSSY

    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    Gate B10 @Juan_Oosthuizen Virgin
    Gate B11 @Christopher_Coyne Virgin
    Gate B12 @Trevor_A Virgin
    Gate B13 @N339RGsuper_bruce Virgin
    Gate B14 Virgin
    Gate B15 Virgin
    Gate B16 Virgin
    Gate B17 Virgin
    Gate B18 Virgin

    YSSY-KSFO Christmas Event Leg 5

    Server - Training Server [TS1]

    Aircraft - Boeing 777-300ER (Virgin Australia)

    Depature Airport - YSSY | Sydney

    Depature Time - 0200z

    Arrival Airport - KSFO San Francisco

    Arrival Time - 1500z


    Flight Time - 12hr 42mins

    Flight Plan

    YSSY 3347S/15144E 3335S/15158E 3247S/15252E 3026S/15526E 2657S/15947E 2445S/16300E 2414S/16344E 2044S/16847E 1554S/17425E 1111S/17835E 744S/17849W 500S/17655W 008S/17334W 541N/16923W 1332N/16338W 1713N/16034W 1755N/15955W 1939N/15815W CLUTS CEBEN CIVIT CORTT CUNDU CREAN CINNY 3643N/12353W KSFO

    Climb/Descent Details


    Climb Direct to FL150
    Speed 230knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass through FL150 then direct to FL270
    Speed 310knots
    V/S 2,700

    Pass Through FL270 then direct to Cruise FL330
    Speed: M.79
    V/S 2,700




    Begin Descent 200NM out
    V/S -1,200
    Speed: M.77

    Take this path all the way down to FL150 then it’s all yours from their

    Gate Pilot Callsign
    Gate 1-30 @Juan_Oosthuizen Virgin
    Gate 1-31 @Christopher_Coyne Virgin
    Gate 1-32 @Trevor_A Virgin
    Gate 1-33 @knellered Virgin
    Gate 1-34 @esant_15 Virgin
    Gate 1-35 @N339RGsuper_bruce Virgin
    Gate 1-36 Virgin
    Gate 1-37 Virgin
    Gate 1-38 Virgin

    You do not have to sign up for all of the legs you can sign up for 1 or as many as you would like but make sure to join some

    Now that you have sent he kinda events we do here at VGVA whatd there not love. Our awesome Event Managers are working hard every day to bring you amazing group flights inside of our VA. We also have many cool features like our routes, parking charts,aircraft chart and checklist. Were glad to be able to call ourselves an empire and not just a VA. We care about our pilots and engage in everyones experince

    VGVA Thread

    Apply Today

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West Coast Flying! A Huge Airport Flyout @CYVR - 051800ZJAN19

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    @EthanT2 wrote:

    Welcome to the West Coast🇨🇦❄️

    About this Flyout

    Welcome to my second ever airport FlyOut! Last time I visited Toronto, in eastern Canada. For this event, we’ll be heading west, to beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. This event will be held on the Saturday before a lot of us head back to school. I hope you can attend!

    Event Details

    Server - Training

    Date - 2019-01-06T21:00:00Z

    If I missed a route that you would like to fly, please leave a Flightaware/ FR24 link below to your desired route and aircraft so I can confirm it is realistic, and I will then add it.


    If ATC is provided, please use it properly and respectfully. It may be busy so wait time may be longer. Do not spam the frequency

    If no ATC is provided, please use unicom properly and do not spam it

    On the ground, always give way to aircraft on your left, and taxi at a steady speed

    Please spawn at your gate 5-10min before the event for some nice screenshots, thanks!


    Want to know some more about beautiful Vancouver? Check out this link for more information on the town

    CYVR, Vancouver International Airport

    Vancouver airport is the second largest airport in Canada, only trailing CYYZ (Toronto). It serves around 135 destinations worldwide, and is served by 48 airlines. Check out this link for more information about the airport.

    Commercial Gates

    Please leave a reply below for a gate

    Terminal A (Canada)
    User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
    @EthanT2 A321 CYYC Gate 6 Air Canada
    738 CYYC Gate 7 Air Transat (Generic)
    @WestJet737767 738 CYYC Gate 10 WestJet
    A319 CYEG Gate 12 Air Canada
    738 CYHZ Gate 13 WestJet
    737 CYHM Gate 14 WestJet
    Terminal B (Canada)
    User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
    737 CYEG Gate 17 WestJet
    737 CYXU Gate 19 WestJet
    @Marvilzarcos 789 CYUL Gate 20 Air Canada
    738 CYUL Gate 22 WestJet
    738 CYUL Gate 26 Air Transat (Generic)
    Terminal C (Canada)
    User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
    A321 CYOW Gate 29 Air Canada
    CRJ9 CYQR Gate 31 Air Canada
    DH8D CYZP Gate 32 Air Canada
    737 CYLW Gate 33 WestJet
    737 CYQR Gate 34 WestJet
    CRJ9 CYXE Gate 35 Air Canada
    737 CYXE Gate 36 WestJet
    77W CYYZ Gate 37 Air Canada
    @esant_15 789 CYYZ Gate 39 Air Canada
    @Dylan_M 738 CYYZ Gate 40 WestJet
    738 CYYZ Gate 41 Sunwing (Generic)
    738 CYYZ Gate 42 Air Transat (Generic)
    CRJ9 CYXY Gate 43 Air Canada
    738 CYWG Gate 44 WestJet
    DH8D CZYF Gate 45 Air Canada
    DH8D CYLW Gate 46 Air Canada
    DH8D CYYJ Gate 47 WestJet
    DH8D CYXJ Gate 48 WestJet
    DH8D CYCD Gate 49 Air Canada
    Terminal D (International)
    User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
    789 ZSPD Gate 50 Air Canada
    789 VIDP Gate 51 Air Canada
    77W VHHH Gate 52 Cathay Pacific
    77W NZAA Gate 53 Air New Zealand
    77L YSSY Gate 54 Air Canada
    789 RKSI Gate 55 Korean Air
    77W ZBAA Gate 56 Air Canada
    77W RCTP Gate 57 Eva Air
    789 RJTT Gate 58 Japan Airlines
    789 EHAM Gate 64 Air Canada
    772 LFPG Gate 65 Air France
    789 YMML Gate 66 Air Canada
    744 EDDF Gate 67 Lufthansa
    744 EGLL Gate 70 British Airways
    @Todor_Dimitrov 789 LSZH Gate 71 Air Canada
    Terminal E (U.S)
    User Aircraft Destination Gate Airline
    A319 KBOS Gate 74 Air Canada
    737 KORD Gate 75 United
    77W KJFK Gate 76 Cathay Pacific
    738 KDFW Gate 77 American
    A320 KDTW Gate 78 Delta
    738 PHNL Gate 79 WestJet
    737 KIAH Gate 80 United
    738 PHOG Gate 81 WestJet
    738 KLAS Gate 82 WestJet
    CRJ7 KLAX Gate 83 American
    789 KEWR Gate 84 Air Canada
    @ItsBlitz A320 KMSP Gate 85 Delta
    @Trevor_A CRJ7 KSJC Gate 86 Air Canada
    E175 KSLC Gate 87 Delta
    E175 KSEA Gate 90 Delta
    CRJ7 KDEN Gate 91 United
    CRJ2 KPDX Gate 92 Alaska
    @Luke_Sta 738 KPHX Gate 93 American
    CRJ7 KSFO Gate 94 United
    737 KIAD Gate 96 United

    GA Gates

    User Aircraft Destination Airline Gate
    Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 01
    Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 02
    Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 03
    Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 04
    Your Choice Your Choice Your Choice Canada Regional Aviation Ramp 05

    More gates will be added if needed


    If you would like to become ATC, please PM me!




    Image Credits


    @Dylan_M has been kind enough to let me use his format.

    This post has been made a wiki, regulars feel free to edit yourself into a gate.

    What would you rate this thread?

    If you don’t like it, feedback through PM is appreciated :)

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FlyDubai- Dubai Fly-Out! @OMDB- 281800ZDEC18

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    @rubinedan wrote:

    Server: Expert

    Airport: OMDB


    NOTAM: No pattern work allowed, use only FlyDubai 737

    Let’s celebrate the new update! With the new FlyDubai Livery!

    OMDB Gates

    E01 to ORBI-
    E02 to LQSA-
    E03 to LKPR-
    E04 to VILK-
    E05 to OISL- @rubinedan callsign FDVA15
    E06 to ONRI-
    E07 to UACC-
    E08 to UCFM-
    E09 to VNKT- @Ethan_Hansen ETHAN
    E10 to OOSA- @Ahmad_Hijazi callsign FDVA30
    E11 to OPQT-
    E12 to HSSJ- @indraniel FZ124
    E13 to URKK-
    E14 to UWKD-
    E15 to URRP-
    E16 to URML-
    E17 to LZIB- @Matthew_20204
    E18 to UTDD-
    E19 to HTZA-
    E20 to UKBB-
    E21 to VAHH-
    E22 to VOCI-
    E23 to VOHS-
    E24 to VOTV-
    E25 to OLBA-
    E26 to OPMT-
    E27 to VCBI
    E28 to HSPN-
    E29 to HTDA-
    E30 to UUWW-
    E31 to UUEE-
    E12 to OBBI-

    When reserve a gate please type the gate you want and the callsign

    Hope to see you there!

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[CLOSED]Singapore airlines schedule

@MDPC 141800ZDEC18 Come celebrate with GOLva your new partnership and 3rd livery

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    @Wendel wrote:

    Sever: Expert Server
    Departure MDPC
    Arrival KMIA

    Zulu Time 1800Z
    Local Time 16:00

    *Flight Time
    Aprox 02h 40min

    NOTAM: Follow gate takeoff order P1 onwards.

    ♾Route: MDPC 🇩🇴 - KMIA 🇺🇸 (Punta Cana to Miami)
    ♾Server: Expert Server
    ♾Day: 11/14/2018
    ♾Time Entry Gate 16: 00BRT
    ♾ Departure Time 16: 30BRT
    ♾FPL It will be sent a few minutes before the Event is started along with the cards and additional information (Cruize Airspped and etc.)

    🔴 Keep 15nm minimum separation of the aircraft ahead, after takeoff of the aircraft ahead enter the runway and wait for the aircraft to leave the airport area or simply count 1 minute after takeoff :)
    ♾ Boeing 737-700 / Boeing 737-800 Aircraft Recommends

    ⚠️ Only GOL Airlines Livery case otherwise your landing will not be transmitted

    Track first live on Flight Mobile channel and Record on GOLva Channel !!
    🎥 Live Flight Channel Channel

    💽Recording (Offline) on the GOLva Channel


    NOTE: Do not put the letter at the end if it is (A or B) of the Gate name for example “P7A” only put P7 :)
    Ramp P11 (WEBVA)-Tiger Pilot)
    Ramp 10 (FAEB-Espedito Junior)
    Ramp P9 (Henrique Chen)
    Ramp P8 (Azul VA - Pedro Amorim)
    Ramp P7 (IFBR-iFM FellipeE)
    Ramp P6
    Ramp P5
    Ramp P4 (Jorge Henrique)
    Ramp P3 (Mauricio Casarolli)
    Ramp P2 (Victor Piva)
    Ramp P1 (Wendel Santos)
    Ramp N5
    Ramp N4
    Ramp N3
    Ramp N2
    Ramp N1

    B26 (Joao Victor F Guedes)

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NonStop Destinations [Vol.2] | Wonderful Warsaw @EDDH 221400ZDEC18

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    @KingWings wrote:

    NonStop Virtual Presents:

    Event Description

    Welcome to NonStop Virtual’s second installment of our awesome event series! We will be taking you all over the world as we continue to hit destinations NonStop! . This time, we will be soaring out of Hamburg and landing in the awe-inspiring city of Warsaw. We will be passing above some very mountainous scenery full of nature and greenery. Notice anything about this flight? This flight is Lufthansa’s first commercial flight and we are going to fly this route with our amazing A320! Come to join us as we Travel The World !

    NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience “NonStop destinations” which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents with our fictional character “Hanz”. NonStop Destinations is certain to convey a lot of fun and happiness while flying with other members. We will be delivering those events on Saturdays usually at 1400Z and we will always be happy to see you fly with us!

    Event Details

    From: Hamburg [EDDH]
    To: Warsaw [EPWA]
    Region: Germany
    Server: Expert Server
    December 22, 2018 9:00 AM → December 22, 2018 11:00 AM

    Flight Details

    Aircraft: Airbus A320
    Livery: Lufthansa
    Distance: 235 nm
    Flight Time: 1:40
    Departing Runway: 25C*
    Arriving runway: 23*

    *Departing and arriving runways are subject to change due to the weather conditions.

    Climb Information:

    2500 ft/min at 240knts until FL100
    3000 ft/min at 300knts until FL280
    2800 ft/min at M 0.75 until FL290


    M 0.75 at FL290

    Descent Information:

    Begin your descent about 20 minutes before landing

    -1800 ft/min at M 0.74 until FL280
    -1800 ft/min at 300 knts until FL180
    -1800 ft/min at 280 knts until FL110
    -1800 ft/min at 220 knts until FL050

    After reaching FL050, do a regular final approach to the runway

    Flight Plan

    To Be Announced


    -You can copy the flight plan from: TBA
    -Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure
    -If no ATC service will be provided, please widely use UNICOM
    -Please remain professional at all times
    -Do not pushback before the event leader pushes back

    Gate Assignments

    Terminal 1 Gate C4: @BlueAcidball
    Terminal 1 Gate C5: @Capt.SkyWalker
    Terminal 1 Gate C6: @Matei27
    Terminal 1 Gate C7: @AviationGaming
    Terminal 1 Gate C8: @TY_PLAY
    Terminal 1 Gate C15: @Filipe_Abrantes
    Terminal 1 Gate C16:
    Terminal 1 Gate A17:
    Terminal 1 Gate A18:
    Terminal 1 Gate C34:

    More gates will be added if necessary

    About NonStop VA


    NonStop VA is a VA that is very unique that features the Lufthansa Group that includes Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, and AeroLogic. With a fleet 22 planes, we have one of the most extensive fleets in the IFC. We offer the best VA experience with lots of events and action within the VA and you could meet new users that could later be your friends.

    To learn more about the VA, the staff, the fleet and many other things, you can go visit our website and directly from there, you could submit an application.

    Want To Join?

    You can join here

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[CLOSED] Celebrate IFSFG's 2 Years BIRTHDAY @ LFPG - 15100ZDEC18

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    @RonnyMartin wrote:

    Server: Casual

    Departure-Airport: your choice

    Arrival-Airport: LFPG Paris

    Arrival-Time: *December 15, 2018 9:30 AM

    Aircrafts/Liveries allowed: any/any French, Irish, German or Algerian liveries

    Welcome Infinite Flight Pilots,

    our group IFSFG turned 2years old last Tuesday (11th December), so we’d like to celebrate this with you all, if you like ;)

    I won’t make a long speech, I just want to thank all our members (333today) for their loyalty and making our group what it is :) Special thanks to all our members who work for the group!

    Now let’s fly :)

    We want to make it simple and just have fun with you all. Feel free to join all or part of the routes*

    Copy the fpl from Ronny MARTIN - IFSFGCEO for every flight

    1st start a flight (short, medium or long haul) wherever you want but arrive on December 15, 2018 9:30 AM, in LFPG.

    2nd we will all depart for a common flight from Paris LFPG to Alger DAAG - 2h flight on the same day December 15, 2018 10:00 AM**

    3rd once arrived in Alger, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Alger DAAG to Dublin EIDW - 2h30min flight at December 15, 2018 12:30 PM**

    4th once arrived in Dublin, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Dublin EIDW to Stuttgart EDDS - 2h30min flight at December 15, 2018 3:30 PM**

    5th/FINAL once arrived in Stuttgart, we park at the gates and after a little pause we will all depart again from Stuttgart EDDS to Paris LFPG - 1h20min flight at December 15, 2018 6:30 PM**

    Your are now free to depart back to your initial airport, or wherever you want :)

    We do this event on the Casual Server to allow everyone to join BUT we expect you please to be professional:

    • Pushback properly and only, if there is no aircraft in your way
    • Do not taxi through grass, terminals or any other aircrafts
    • Do not put your landing lights and strobes on, if you are not on the rwy or in the air(landing light till 10,000ft, then off), or if you are not about to cross a rwy
    • Keep safe distance on the ground(1aircraft length) an in the air(8-10nm)
    • Do not overspeed (please check and use all aircraft speed charts in Skybrary by chosing your aircraft, if you are not an experienced pilot.
    • Do not exceed 250kts below 10,000ft.
    • always observe the aircraft in front of you and don’t be higher/faster than them
    • if you are not an experienced pilot, pushback/taxi and take off last and observe the experienced pilots
    • First depart Heavies/Super, big and fast aircrafts, then smaller and slower ones


    • ARRIVALS: rwys 27R/26L or depending on winds 09L/08R
    • DEPARTURES: rwys 27L/26R or depending on winds 09R/08L


    • ARRIVALS: rwy 23 or depending on winds 09
    • DEPARTURES: rwy 27 or depending on winds 05


    • ARRIVALS: rwy 28 or depending on winds 10
    • DEPARTURES: rwy 16 or depending on winds 34


    • ARRIVALS/DEPARTURES: rwy 07 or depending on winds 25


    • ARRIVALS: rwys 27R/26L or depending on winds 09L/08R

    IFSFG Pilots use their IFSFGcallsign, all others please put IFSFG in your display name, or use IFSFGXXX as callsign

    The IFSFG EVENT TEAM and I looking forward to fly with you and celebrate this 2 years of our group …of course, many years and great events will follow ;)

    //@RonnyMartin - IFSFG CEO
    IFSFG instagram
    IFSFG YouTube Channel

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[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Coastal Florida Patterns! @ KFLL - 161700ZDEC18

Friday Night Flight: MD11 Aviation @ KSDF/EDDF - 140600ZDEC18

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    @MishaCamp wrote:

     Join us for this week's FNF:

    MD11 Aviation

    This Friday we celebrate all things MD11. Both Louisville and Frankfurt will be open as joint hubs, and we encourage you to fly between the two if you have the time! Both airports have a high capacity for both air traffic and ATC controllers, so expect busy! Overflow airports based on the MD11/F operators we have will be available to IFATC if needed. You can fly to many amazing areas of the world from these airports, so why not experience somewhere new?

    Which do you prefer??

    • DC-10
    • MD-11
    • DC-10F
    • MD-11F

    0 voters

    So, post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #fridaynightflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

    Whilst you are on Instagram, why not check out our friends over at md11aviation for some great MD11 content!

    Event Details

    Server: Any

    Airport/s: KSDF / EDDF

    Aircraft/Liveries: MD11/F


    Pattern work at controllers discretion.
    Please follow the rules of each server as required.
    There are no established routes for this event.
    Have fun!

    FNF Event Hours:

    Begin - Friday 14th December @ 06:00 ZULU

    End - Saturday 15th December @ 06:00 ZULU

    December 14, 2018December 15, 2018

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Pre-New Year's @ DNMM - 282330ZDEC18

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    @BlueAcidball wrote:

    Server: Training

    Airport: DNMM

    Date: Friday, 28th of December

    Time: 2330Z

    Plane: Arik Air Bombardier CRJ-1000

    Flight Time: An hour or so

    Flight Plan

    |• ERAMI
    |• BISAP

    (From Lagos to Abuja)

    A/P Details

    Climb Speed: 240 (Below FL100); 280 (Above FL100)
    Climb VS: 2000fpm
    Cruising Altitude: FL120 (12000ft)
    Descent Speed: 260 (Below FL120); 240 (Below FL100); 200 (3100 ft)
    Descent VS: -1800fpm
    Descent Altitude: 3100ft

    Available Gates

    will be added soon

    NOTAM: Happy New Year to you all once again! To celebrate the new year, let us welcome it with a group flight from Lagos to Abuja!

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[CLOSED] TAAG AIRLINE present: weekend flight to Johannesburg @ FNLU - 151400ZDEC18

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    @joslleymiguel_holand wrote:

                     **Welcome to the 1st TAAG Airline event!**
                                  **TAAGA presents:**
                          **`weekend flight to Johannesburg`**
             🌍 December 15, 2018 2:00 PM ➡ 🌍 December 15, 2018 5:00 PM

    ✔Official Event: welcome everyone at the first TAAG AIRLINE event that will take place on Saturday December 15th, please join us so we make it a great day, for more information send me a PM * joslleymiguel_holand

    Server: Expert
    Airport: FNLU
    Route: Luanda 4 de Fevereiro > Johannesburg O R Tambo
    Time: December 15, 2018 2:00 PM ➡ December 15, 2018 5:00 PM
    Aircraft: TAAG Airline B737-700
    Fuel: 31000 lbs ➡ 34000 lbs approx or (14100 kg ➡ 15750 kg)
    Flight Time: 3hours 10 mins approx

    Flight Plan

    FNLU 853S/1313E 857S/1310E 913S/1314E 924S/1334E MEMAS TUTIM 1225S/1656E 1510S/1909E AGRAM 1913S/2243E 1959S/2323E 2032S/2347E 2155S/2451E 2256S/2538E 2333S/2608E SOKIM 2351S/2621E RUDAS 2452S/2716E ITROL AVAGO 2604S/2804E FAOR

    Flight Details
    • Climb: 240kts to FL100, 290kts to FL280, M0.80 to cruise
    • Cruise: FL 350, M0.79 - M0.80
    • Verticle Speed: 2300 ft/min
    • Descent: M0.79 to FL280, 290kts to FL170 and final approach at your discretion

    TAAG ANGOLA AIRLINE is proud to be part of the IF fleet with its first B737-700 VA aircraft in the game, join us and let’s celebrate this with TAAG’s daily flight to Johannesburg, see you in the sky!


    • Follows all instruction given by ATC (if any)
    • @joslleymiguel_holand(ANGOLA116) will have the flight plan for those who want to copy it on the day

    Gate 1: @joslleymiguel_holand
    Gate 2: @BlueAcidball
    Gate 3: @BoiBoots
    Gate 4: @Aviation-21
    Gate 5: @Rishon_R
    Gate 6:
    Gate 7:
    Gate 8:
    Gate 9:

    Number 1:
    Number 2:
    Number 3:
    Number 4:
    Number 5:
    Number 6:
    Number 7:
    Number 8:
    Number 9:
    More gates will be added if needed


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Air Canada Virtual Airlines | A Fare Fight @ CYYC - 151700ZDEC18

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    @Xpira wrote:

    In this event, we take out the new 737 for a test flight. And in a WestJet livery! Choose either a A321 or 737 and come join us!

    Flight Details

    Server - Expert Server [Expert]

    Aircraft - Boeing 737-800 or Airbus A321 [737-800/A321]


    - Livery - Air Canada
    - Livery - WestJet

    Departure Airport - Calgary [CYYC]

    Flight Time - [1h 20m]

    Arrival Airport - Vancouver [CYVR]

    Date - 🎄Saturday - December 15, 2018 [12/15/18] 🎄

    Departure Time - December 15, 2018 5:00 PM

    Zulu Time ‘1700Z’


    • Please Spawn in around 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time

    • Airport runway will be chosen by flight leader

    • Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

    • After you land stick around for some photos!

    Flight Plan

    5104N/11437W 5103N/11447W 5054N/11540W 5046N/11628W 4941N/12124W 4931N/12203W CYVR

    Cruising Speed - 247 knots [M 0.79]

    Cruising Altitude - 36000 ft


    You do not need to be in ACVA to participate on this event

    Gate 32 @Xpira
    Gate 34 @Shane_Cullen
    Gate 36 Empty
    Gate 38 Empty
    Gate 40 Empty
    Gate 39 Empty
    Gate 37 Empty
    Gate 35 Empty
    Gate 33 Empty
    Gate 31 Empty

    [More Gates Available]


    Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Community Thread:
    Air Canada Virtual Offical

    Air Canada Virtual Website:
    Air Canada Virtual’s Website

    Air Canada Virtual Instagram:
    Air Canada Virtual Airline’s Instagram

    Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.

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