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Latest Infinite Flight Community events.

Friday Night Flight: Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow @ KORD - 220600ZFEB19

091800ZMAR19 - Dales to Dunes | A joint SIVA and EYV event

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    @Aceorbit wrote:


    Swiss International Virtual Airlines is proud to work with Etihad Virtual in the making of this event. This will be a flyout from Swiss Virtual’s hub, LSZH, to Etihad Virtual’s hub, OMAA. Together will be flying some tourists down to Abu Dhabi with Etihad’s wonderful Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

    Server: Expert

    Airport: LSZH ->OMAA

    Time: 2019-03-09T18:00:00Z

    NOTAM: This event will be held on the expert server, so rules will be enforced. This includes proper Unicom usage and speed restrictions.


    Gate Assignments
    Gate Aircraft Pilot SIVA or EYV Member
    Dock E Gate 23 787-10 @Abel_Kocsis EYV004
    Dock E Gate 27 787-10 @Amaar_Viqar EVY001
    Dock E Gate 35 787-10 @LukacsBoti EYV-149
    Dock E Gate 43 787-10 @esant_15 SIVA216
    Dock E Gate 47 787-10 @Chindle_1204 SIVA004
    Dock E Gate 57 787-10
    Dock E Gate 67 787-10
    Dock E Gate 56 787-10
    Dock E Gate 52 787-10
    Dock E Gate 46 787-10
    Dock E Gate 42 787-10 @Levi_Burgreave EVY002
    Dock E Gate 34 787-10
    Dock E Gate 26 787-10
    Dock E Gate 20 787-10 @Abhas_Desai EYV003

    More gates will be added if needed.

    Flight Plan:

    Cruise: FL330
    Cruise Speed: Mach 0.85
    Duration: 5:45-6:10



    Check out Swiss International Virtual Airline here!

    Any pilot who joins Swiss Virtual will be able to get a 3x flight bonus if they participate in this event.

    Check out Etihad Virtual Here!

    Any new pilot who submits an application to join Etihad Virtual 48 hours prior to or after the event will be entitled to 2x multiplier for the flight

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Flash Flight: TBM Air Race @ TJSJ - 202000ZFEB18

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    @MishaCamp wrote:

    TBM Air Race!

    Rev those engines and toot those [imaginary] horns, it’s time for a race! Head to your friendly local TBM dealer, pick up any TBM they have handy and get to TJSJ for a Flash Flight at 2000Z. This event is on the casual server, so anything goes. No cheating though!

    A ring of gates has been set up around the airport for pilots to fly through. The simple goal? Be quickest around all of them!

    Aircraft must fly anti-clockwise around the ring and through each gate

    As always, take your best photos and post them on social media. Tag us with @infiniteflight and use the #infiniteflight hashtag for a chance to be featured on our social media.

    Event Details

    Server: Casual

    Airport: TJSJ

    Aircraft: TBM 930

    Time: 2000Z [in 30 minutes!]

    Altitude and Speed: low and fast!


    Fly as fast as you can!
    Please follow the rules of each server as required.
    Have fun!

    Keep up to date with all Infinite Flight news on our social media platforms:

    Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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NonStop Destinations [Vol.3] A Hop back to Frankfurt | @EPWA - 231730ZMAR19

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    @AviationGaming wrote:

    NonStop Destinations Vol.3!

    Welcome to NonStop Virtual’s third installment of our awesome event series! We will be taking you all over the world as we continue to hit destinations NonStop! This time, we will be soaring out of Warsaw and landing in the amazing city of Frankfurt. We will be passing some amazing scenery! We are going to fly this route with our amazing A319! Come to join us as we Travel The World !

    NonStop Virtual warmly invites you to enjoy and experience “NonStop destinations” which is our main event series devoted to traversing the best destinations and airports across all six continents with our fictional character “Hanz”. NonStop Destinations is certain to convey a lot of fun and happiness while flying with other members. We will be delivering those events on Saturdays usually at 1600Z - 1830Z and we will always be happy to see you fly with us!

    Warsaw is the Capital and biggest city in Poland. Warsaw was believed to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world until World War II. Warsaw is also one of Europe’s most dynamic metropolitan cities as well as being the 4th “Business Friendly” and 32nd in “Most liveable city in the world”.

    Basic Information

    Server: Expert

    Airport: EPWA

    Time: 1730Z


    Aircraft: Lufthansa A319

    Climb Profile
    2200ft/min at 240knts until FL100
    1800ft/min at 300knts until FL280
    1500ft/min at M 0.75 until FL360

    Distance: 360 nm


    M 0.75 at FL360

    Descent Information:

    Begin your descent about 20 minutes before landing

    -1800 ft/min at M 0.75 until FL280
    -1800 ft/min at 300 knts until FL180
    -1800 ft/min at 280 knts until FL110
    -1800 ft/min at 220 knts until FL050

    After reaching FL050, do a regular final approach to the runway

    Departing Runway(s): 15, 29 *

    Arriving Runway(s): 25C, 25L *

    Flight Time: 1:30

    Runways are subject to change


    • You can copy the flight plan from: TBA
    • Please spawn in 15 minutes before departure
    • If no ATC service will be provided, please widely use UNICOM
    • Please remain professional at all times
    • Do not pushback before the event leader pushes back

    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 14 @AviationGaming DLH005
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 15 @Aviation-21 Lufthansa 21
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 16 @OC212 DLH001
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 17 Aaron DLH0802A
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 18 @Ahmad_Hijazi DLH1122A
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 19 @LeoHund D-EV1L
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 20 @JeromeJ Lufthansa 51
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 21 @Blind DLH0202B
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 22 @Capt.SkyWalker DLH006
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 23
    Gate IFC Username Callsign
    Gate 24

    More Gates will be added if needed!

    About NonStop Virtual:

    NonStop VA is a VA that is very unique that features the Lufthansa Group that includes Lufthansa, Lufthansa Cargo, and AeroLogic. With a fleet 22 planes, we have one of the most extensive fleets in the IFC. We offer the best VA experience with lots of events and action within the VA and you could meet new users and share the infinite sky’s with them,

    To learn more about the VA, the staff, the fleet and many other things, you can go visit our website and directly from there, you could submit an application.

    Want to join NonStop Virtual? Here’s our thread!

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    @Pluky wrote:

    AZVA is pleased to invite you to fly with us to discover the new routes of SUMMER 2019. the second of these events is dedicated to the Île de Beauté, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, La Corse.

    Server: Training

    Route: LIRF-LFKJ

    Time: 1600Z

    Aircraft : Airbus A321 Alitalia Livery, Narrow-Body SkyTeam Members Liveries.
    Flight Time : 1h

    NOTAM :
    Please Spawn in 10-15 mins before depature

    • Use the comments section of this thread to reserve a gate for all upcoming legs.
    • Gates are open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community.
    • Maintain 5-10nm of separation at all parts of flight.
    • Please follow any AZVA Staff member instructions.
    • Planned Flight Plan is subject to change.
    • For this event some gates are dedicated to SkyTeam members.


    Flight Info

    Departure: LIMC
    Planned Runway: 17R
    GATE open at: 1530z
    Pushback start at: 1600z
    Pushback detachment: 3mins
    Climb Profile: 250/300/78

    TOC: 4351N/846E
    FLIGHT LEVEL: 35’000ft
    SPEED: 300kts over FL10

    SPEED: 0,77M

    TOD: 4224N/837E
    SPEED: 300Kts over FL10

    Arrival: LFKJ
    Planned Runway: 20
    Descent Profile: 78/300/250


    Gates reserved for members of AZVA:
    Gate 101
    Gate 102
    Gate 103
    Gate 104 @Pluky | Alitalia006
    Gate 105
    Gate 106
    Gate 107
    Gate 108
    Gate 109
    Gate 110
    Gate 111

    Available gates
    Stand 204 @Aviation-21
    Stand 205
    Stand 206
    Stand 207
    Stand 208
    Stand 209
    Stand 210
    Stand 211
    Stand 212
    Stand 213
    Stand 214
    Stand 215
    Stand 216
    Stand 217
    Stand 218
    Stand 219
    Stand 220

    For more information on Alitalia Virtual activities follow our official Thread.20180903_230233

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    @Pluky wrote:

    AZVA is pleased to invite you to fly with us to discover the new routes of SUMMER 2019. the first of these events is dedicated to the island of Kefallonia, a magnificent island in the Ionian region of Greece.

    Server: Training

    Route: LIRF-LGKF

    Time: 1600Z

    Aircraft : Airbus A321 Alitalia Livery, Narrow-Body SkyTeam Members Liveries and EasyJet Liveries.
    Flight Time : 1h45min

    NOTAM :
    Please Spawn in 10-15 mins before depature

    • Use the comments section of this thread to reserve a gate for all upcoming legs.
    • Gates are open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community.
    • Maintain 5-10nm of separation at all parts of flight.
    • Please follow any AZVA Staff member instructions.
    • Planned Flight Plan is subject to change.
    • For this event some gates are dedicated to SkyTeam and Easyjet.


    Flight Info

    Departure: LIRF
    Planned Runway: 07
    GATE open at: 1530z
    Pushback start at: 1600z
    Pushback detachment: 3mins
    Climb Profile: 250/300/78

    TOC: 4038N/1352E
    FLIGHT LEVEL: 31’000ft
    SPEED: 300kts over FL10

    SPEED: 0,76M

    TOD: 3831N/1859E
    SPEED: 300Kts over FL10

    Arrival: LGKF
    Planned Runway: 32
    Descent Profile: 78/300/250


    Gates reserved for members of AZVA:
    Gate 402
    Gate 403
    Gate 404
    Gate 405
    Gate 406
    Gate 407
    Gate 408
    Gate 409 @Pluky | Alitalia006
    Gate 410
    Gate 411
    Gate 412

    Available gates
    Stand 301 @Sashaz55
    Stand 302
    Stand 303
    Stand 304
    Stand 305
    Stand 306
    Stand 307
    Stand 308
    Stand 309
    Stand 310
    Stand 311
    Stand 312
    Stand 313
    Stand 314
    Stand 315
    Stand 316
    Stand 317

    For more information on Alitalia Virtual activities follow our official Thread.20180903_230233

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[Closed] First Aeromexico Virtual Event @ MMMX - 212300ZFEB19

Alaska Adventures Volume 1: Our Inaugural Event! @ PANC - 241930ZMAR19

Community determined flyout!

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    @Altaria55 wrote:

    Hello, IFC. Lately, I’ve been planning a flyout for y’all, but I just can’t decide on where to hold it. So, I’ll let you decide!

    Comment down where you would like to see me hold this event. The four most suggested airports will be placed into a poll, and the top voted airport will be the site of the event.

    If a VA would like to sponsor this event, please do PM me.

    Happy flying!

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[9 Attending] Richmond Flyout! @ KRIC - 162000ZMAR19

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    @InfiniteNick wrote:


    Credit: https://ideastations.org/radio/news/richmond-international-airport-breaks-all-time-annual-passenger-record-2017

    > About Richmond INTL
    Richmond International Airport (IATA: RIC, ICAO: KRIC, FAA LID: RIC) is a joint civil-military public airport in Sandston, Virginia, United States, an unincorporated community (within Henrico County). The airport is about 7 miles (11 km) southeast of downtown Richmond, the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Richmond International Airport is the busiest airport in central Virginia and the third-busiest in the state behind Washington D.C.'s two major airports, Washington Dulles and Washington National. RIC covers 2,500 acres (1,012 ha) of land.

    > Event Information
    Time - 2019-03-16T19:00:00Z
    Region - Virginia, USA
    Airport - KRIC - Richmond
    Server: Expert Server

    > Airlines that operate at KRIC

    • Allegiant Air [Concourse B]
    • American Airlines [Concourse A]
    • American Eagle [Concourse A]
    • Delta Airlines [Concourse B]
    • Delta Connection [Concourse B]
    • JetBlue Airways [Concourse A]
    • Southwest Airlines [Concourse B]
    • Spirit Airlines [Concourse B]
    • United Airlines [Concourse B]
    • United Express [Concourse B]

    > Gates

    Concourse A
    Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
    A02 A319-100 American KCLT
    A03 737-800 American KMIA
    A04 A321-200 American KLGA
    A05 E190 JetBlue KBOS
    A06 A320-200 JetBlue KMCO
    A07 A320-200 JetBlue KFLL
    A08 737-800 American KDFW
    Concourse B (7 gates left)
    Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
    B01 737-900 United KORD
    B02 737-900 United KDEN @epicETgaming2112
    B03 CRJ-700 United KIAD @travelingcornstalk
    B04 CRJ-700 United KIAD @esant_15
    B05 A320-200 Spirit KMCO @Cargo
    B06 A320-200 Alleigant KPIE
    B07 737-800 Southwest KATL @Luke_Sta
    B08 737-800 Southwest KATL @GlobalFlyer1
    B09 737-700 Southwest KATL @JeromeJ
    B10 A320-200 Alleigant KSFB
    B11 A320-200 Alleigant KSRQ
    B12 A320-200 Alleigant KBNA
    B13 E170 Delta KLGA
    B14 737-900 Delta KATL @RoadRunner
    B15 CRJ-700 Delta KMSP
    Gate Aircraft Airline Destination Attendant
    Cargo 01 757-200 UPS KSDF
    Cargo 02 757-200 UPS KBWI @baseball_inferno

    > Notams

    1. Please remain professional at all time!
    2. Spawn at your gate at least 15 minutes before the start of the event!
    3. If there is no ATC present, please remain professional on Unicom!

    Request any gate! I will add destinations to Concourse B if needed!
    It would make me so happy if we could have a good outcome, as this is my home airport! c:

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Remembering a Car Accident and a Friend @ KLEX - 231900ZFEB19

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    @SouthernDude wrote:

    Server: Training

    Airport: KLEX

    Time: 1900Z


    Hello IFC,

    If you live in Kentucky or the Greater Cincinnati Area, You May have heard the story already, but for the rest of the community, here it is.

    On 17 February 2019, 3 teenagers from Lexington KY were driving in the southern part of the city, when the driver sped across 4 lanes of a highway and hit a tree at approx. 3:40 AM local time. At 8:00 AM, the car was finally spotted by a pedestrian, and the police were immediately called. The road was shut down for hours during the morning rush as the coroner tried to piece together what had happened. Of the three in the vehicle, 2 were killed, one currently in the ICU Care Center at UK Hospital. One of the ones killed was a friend of mine, a grade ahead of me. We weren’t close, per say, but we knew each other. For more info, click the link at the end of the post.

    As a tribute, I would like to ask you to sign up for a memorial flight across the state, starting in Lexington, up to Cincinnati, over to Louisville, and ending back in Lexington.

    This is a huge shock to many, and many hearts are heavy. Break just ended, so school tomorrow is not going to be fun…


    A1: @BennyBoy
    A2: @Alvaro_Mansilla
    A3: @TheTyGuy426
    A4: @travelingcornstalk
    B1: @Albatross_Prince
    B2: @SouthernDude

    For aircraft, planes smaller than a 757 would be preferable.

    Thank you for reading, sign up if you want to, again, for more info, click the link below.

    Have a great rest of your day,


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Plane & Pilot's Trace Around New Zealand @ NZAA - 241500ZFEB19

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    @PlaneCrazy wrote:

    Hello Fellow Pilots!

    With its huge mountains and beautiful coasts, New Zealand is thought by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful countries. Next weekend, Plane & Pilot invites you to join us as we fly around the entire country with a flight plan nearly identical to its border. We will start in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, and then do a 4-hour flight around the beautiful shores, plains, mountains, and glaciers before landing back at the same airports. If you enjoy unique flights and beautiful scenery, make sure to join us! Everyone Grade 3+ is welcome! Just post below and we will add you to the list.

    Server: Expert

    Aircraft: Any Air New Zealand Aircraft

    Airport: NZAA

    Flight Time: 4:30

    Date / Time: 2019-02-24T15:00:00Z

    Flight Info

    Flight Plan: Start at leg 3643S/17550E. Approach to NZAA will be added during the event.

    Way Points

    3644S/17514E 3643S/17550E 3731S/17604E 3801S/17719E 3732S/17801E 3745S/17837E 3905S/17756E 3913S/17704E 3928S/17659E 3942S/17708E 4131S/17538E 4138S/17516E 4116S/17444E 4123S/17413E 4146S/17416E 4258S/17319E 4308S/17250E 4335S/17249E 4345S/17310E 4355S/17257E 4349S/17236E 4423S/17116E 4503S/17106E 4553S/17041E 4640S/16926E 4636S/16817E 4611S/16638E 4543S/16632E 4452S/16720E 4403S/16834E 4305S/17029E 4149S/17127E 4052S/17214E 4029S/17253E 4050S/17302E 4114S/17308E 4108S/17329E 4043S/17359E 4110S/17422E 4106S/17448E 4031S/17513E 3953S/17447E 3932S/17402E 3915S/17349E 3907S/17403E 3855S/17434E 3807S/17441E 3724S/17442E 3646S/17422E 3558S/17342E 3513S/17305E 3452S/17319E 3501S/17345E 3528S/17421E 3619S/17450E

    Ascend Rate: 2000fpm

    Ascend Speed: 240kts below FL100, 300kts over

    Cruising Altitude: FL350

    Cruising Speed: M .82

    Descent Rate: -1800fpm

    Descent Speed: 300kts over FL100, under 240kts below

    Listen to @Starley on the event PM for more instructions


    NZAA Gates:
    Gate 01= @Starley (leader)
    Gate 02= @PlaneCrazy
    Gate 03= @Ryan_Vidad
    Gate 04= @Gabe_Z
    Gate 05= @Mattheus
    Gate 06=
    Gate 07=
    Gate 08=
    Gate 09=
    Gate 10=
    Gate 15=
    Gate 16=

    Thanks for checking out our event, we hope you can come! If you have any questions, just let us know. Please be present on the community during the event.

    Event Credits

    Coordinater: @PlaneCrazy

    Leader: @Starley

    Photographer: @Starley

    Flight Plan: @PlaneCrazy

    Banner photo: @PlaneCrazy

    Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @HawaiiPilot10, @Peter_S, @Mattheus


    Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Slack

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[TODAY] The Wild West FLY-OUT | Qantas Virtual @ YPPH - 230100ZFEB19

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    @QantasVirtualGroup wrote:

    image The Wild West

    Inspired by our Perth local @Angelo, this week we will be heading out west.

    Perth Airport is a domestic and international airport serving Perth, the capital and largest city of Western Australia. It is the fourth busiest airport in Australia measured by passenger movement.

    We will be doing a Fly-Out event out of Perth. Fly a route to wherever you please, like the longest dreamliner flight to London, or a flight across the bight to the east coast.

    image Flight Information

    Airport: Perth International Airport [YPPH]

    Server: Training Server [TS1]

    Time: - 2019-02-23T01:00:00Z [0100 Zulu]

    Aircraft and Livery: Qantas Virtual Group Aircraft (Dependant on destination below)

    image NOTAM

    • Join Qantas Virtual this week as we head to Perth for a Fly-Out. Choose your destination below and tag along for the fun.

    • Please Spawn in roughly 10 minutes before our scheduled departure time

    • Qantas Virtual Group pilots can use their callsigns (QFAXXXX) , all other pilots please use an appropriate callsign

    • Make sure to take plenty of photos during the event and post them below!

    MAP Destinations

    As this is a fly-out event, we are giving you the freedom to fly to wherever you please! Simply choose a destination from the list below.

    Destination Aircraft Destination Aircraft
    Adelaide [YPAD] B738, A320, B717 Exmouth [YPLM] B717
    Brisbane [YBBN] B738 Sydney [YSSY] B738, A320, B747, A332
    Cairns [YBCS] A320 Kalgoorlie [YPKG] B738
    Canberra [YSCB] B738 Karratha [YPKA] A320*, 717
    Darwin [YPDN] B738, B717 Learmonth [YPLM] B717
    London–Heathrow [EGLL] B789 Newman [YNWN] A320*, B717
    Melbourne [YMML] B789, B738, A332, A320 Paraburdoo [YPBO] B717
    Singapore [WSSS] A332 Port Hedland [YPPD] A320*, B737, B717
    Geraldton [YGEL] B717 Denpasar/Bali [WADD] A320
    Broome [YBRM] B738, A320* Gold Coast [YBCG] A320

    * - A320s operated by Network Aviation under QantasLink Livery, all other A320s are operated by Jetstar


    Terminal 1 Terminal 3 Terminal 4
    33x25 International Terminal
    (Gates 143-156)
    32x25 Jetstar Domestic
    (Gates 16-24)
    32x25 Qantas Domestic
    (Gates 7-15)

    image Gates

    When requesting a gate, please comment below with the following format and you will be provided with a gate:


    T1 - International Terminal

    Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
    Gate 149 @Josh B789 EGLL
    Gate 150
    Gate 151 @Luke_M B789 EGLL
    Gate 152 @Pilotcorn09 B789 EGLL
    Gate 153 @SirMarkieMark B789 EGLL
    Gate 154 @Chris_Hosford B789 EGLL
    Gate 155 @scooothooot B789 EGLL
    Gate 156 @Bne.aviation B789 EGLL

    T3 - Jetstar Domestic

    Gate/Max Aircraft Pilot Aircraft Destination
    Gate 16
    Gate 17
    Gate 18
    Gate 19
    Gate 20
    Gate 21
    Gate 22

    T4 - Qantas Domestic

    Gate Pilot Aircraft Destination
    Gate 07
    Gate 08 @Timsaviation B738 YBBN
    Gate 09 @RoryWheelhouse1 B738 YPAD
    Gate 10 @Igamer B747 YSSY
    Gate 12 @Malachi_Ewan B738 YBBN
    Gate 13
    Gate 14
    Gate 15 @Matthew B789 YMML

    More gates available if needed.
    PM us if you would like an ATC position

    This event is hosted by Qantas Virtual Group
    Become part of the Qantas Virtual adventure here

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Montreal Canadiens Flyout @ CYUL 231900ZFEB19

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    @Benny_132 wrote:

    The second event of my hockey city series is at Montreal to honor the Montreal Canadiens.
    Server: Training
    Recommended Airline: Air Canada
    (Note: You do not have to use this airline
    Departure Airport: CYUL
    Arrival Airport: CYEG
    Cruising Altitude: 37,000 Feet
    Flight Plan:
    CYUL KESKA BIPKO IPSAK OMEGI RADEN 4629N/7641W 4900N/8000W 5230N/9000W 5330N/10000W REFEX 5251N/11106W CAMRA IGSOX JEVON CYEG

    Please DM me if you are a VA and want to sponsor this event

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Sponsored by Vueling Virtual | Barcelona Fly Out @ LEBL - 231700ZFEB19

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    @VuelingVirtual wrote:

    Welcome to Vueling Virtual first event! Barcelona–El Prat Airport, also known as El Prat Airport, is an international airport located 12 km southwest of the centre of Barcelona, lying in the municipalities of El Prat de Llobregat, Viladecans, and Sant Boi, in the Autonomous community of Catalonia, in Spain. It is also hub for Vueling Airlines!
    Event Details

    Server: Expert
    Airport: Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)
    Date & Time: Saturday 23rd February 2019 - 2019-02-23T17:00:00Z
    Aircraft & Livery: Airbus A319-100 (Generic), Airbus A320-200 (Vueling) & Airbus A321-200 (Generic)
    Departing Runways: Will be released on the day of the event!
    Notice to Airmens (NOTAMS):
    - On expert so please be professional
    - Departing runways will be announced a day before this event
    - Use UNICOM appropriately
    - Listen to ATC instructions if there is any ATC active

    Destinations from Barcelona El Prat (LEBL)

    Barcelona - Lyon (A320)
    Barcelona - Almeria (A320)
    Barcelona - Stockholm (A320)
    Barcelona - A Coruna (A320)
    Barcelona - Alicante (A320)
    Barcelona - Valencia (A320)
    Barcelona - Madrid (A320/A321)
    Barcelona - Bilbao (A320)
    Barcelona - Marseille (A320)
    Barcelona - Nice (A320)
    Barcelona - Asturias (A320)
    Barcelona - Santander (A320)
    Barcelona - Santiago de Compostela (A320)
    Barcelona - Vigo-Peinador (A320)
    Barcelona - Hamburg (A320)
    Barcelona - Stuttgart (A320)
    Barcelona - Berlin Tegel (A320)
    Barcelona - Hannover (A320)
    Barcelona - Dusseldorf (A320)
    Barcelona - Granada Federico Garcia Lorca (A320)
    Barcelona - Malaga Costa Del Sol (A320)
    Barcelona - Seville San Pablo (A320)
    Barcelona - Jerez (A320)
    Barcelona - Lanzarote (A321)
    Barcelona - San Sebastian (A319)
    Barcelona - Bordeaux Merignac (A320)
    Barcelona - Nantes Atlantique (A320)
    Barcelona - Gran Canaria (A321)
    Barcelona - Fuerteventura (A320)
    Barcelona - Tenerife North (A320)
    Barcelona - Ibiza (A320)
    Barcelona - Mahon Menorca (A320)
    Barcelona - Palma de Mallorca (A320)
    Barcelona - Florence Peretola (A320)
    Barcelona - Rome Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino (A320)
    Barcelona - Geneva International (A320)
    Barcelona - Basel Mulhouse-Freiburg (A319)
    Barcelona - Zurich (A320)
    Barcelona - Milan Malpensa (A320)
    Barcelona - Venice Marco Polo (A320)
    Barcelona - Naples (A320)
    Barcelona - Bilbao (A320)
    Barcelona - Bologna Guglielmo Marconi (A321)
    Barcelona - Tangier Ibn Battouta (A320)
    Barcelona - Algiers Houari Boumediene (A320)
    Barcelona - Oran Es Senia (A320)
    Barcelona - London Gatwick (A320)
    Barcelona - London Heathrow (A320)
    Barcelona - Tel Aviv (A320)
    Barcelona - Paris Orly (A320/A321)
    Barcelona - Paris De Gaulle (A320)
    Barcelona - Athens (A321)
    Barcelona - Amsterdam (A320/A321)
    Barcelona - Lisbon Humberto Delgado (A320/A321)
    Barcelona - Porto Francisco de Sa Carneiro (A320)
    Barcelona - Prague Vaclav Havel (A320)
    Barcelona - Vienna International (A320)
    Barcelona - Budapest Ferenc Liszt International (A320)
    Barcelona - Brussels (A320)

    Terminal Information
    Terminal One (1)

    Gate 200R | @Jack_White (VLG001) | London Gatwick | Airbus A320
    Gate 200 | @Felipe_Grajera1 (VLG106) | London Gatwick | Airbus A320
    Gate 202 | @samdog27 | Lyon | Airbus A320
    Gate 204 | @SpeedPlayz (VLG99) | London Gatwick | Airbus A320
    Gate 206 | @JackH (VLG004) | Palma de Mallorca | Airbus A320
    Gate 210 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 212 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 214 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 224 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 226 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 228 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 230 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 232 | User | Destination | Aircraft
    Gate 234 | User | Destination | Aircraft

    More gates will be added if needed!
    To request a gate please use the following format: *For Vueling Virtual Pilots please sign up with your callsign!* Callsign - Destination - Aircraft for that destination (Please look at the destinations list for the correct aircraft!)
    This event is hosted by Vueling Virtual. All Vueling Virtual Pilots who take part will receive a total x2 Flight Hours and any pilots who join Vueling Virtual after the event will also receive a total of x2 Flight Hours!

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{10 Attending} - OMDB FLYOUT | 301700ZMAR19

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    @Infi wrote:



    Welcome everyone, to my second event which shall be held at Dubai. This airport has inspired me by its diversity and its hard working staff who work against the clock 24/7 to keep the flow of the airport. Growing up I have always loved Dubai and what better to enjoy than celebrate it on infinite flight! This event is made to be realistic and so all destinations and aircrafts are placed in specific terminals to be realistic:)

    Dubai international airport has 3 terminals. Dubai airport handles almost entirely international flights and is the hub for the Middle East’s largest airline, Emirates. Dubai has since set its sights on overtaking the world’s busiest airports in Atlanta and Beijing by 2020. The International airport’s rise has been astonishing.Having two runways and accommodating 2000+ planes a day this airport serves 90m+ passengers and sees over 408,000 aircraft movements a year!




    Terminal 1

    All international airlines except Emirates,Qantas and Flydubai

    Terminal 2

    Flydubai and other regional and international airlines

    Terminal 3

    Flydubai,Emirates and Qantas

    Gates and Routes
    Terminal 1
    (Gate) (Attendant) (Destination) (Airline) (Aircraft)
    C18 - Guangzhou China Southern B788
    C19 - Heathrow Virgin Atlantic A346
    C20 @esant_15 Heathrow British Airways B772
    C21 - Moscow Aeroflot B739
    C22 - Cochin Spice Jet B739
    C23 - Addis Abba Ethiopian B788
    C24 - Islamabad Pakistan intl. B77L
    C25 - Heathrow British Airways B772
    C26 - Heathrow British Airways B772
    C27 - Cario Egypt Air A333
    C28 - Istanbul Turkish B77W
    C29 - Helsinki Finnair A321
    C30 - Nirobi Kenya Airways B788
    C31 - Hong Kong Cathay Pacific A333
    C32 @joslleymiguel_holand Paris Air France B772
    C33 - Oslo Nor Shuttle B789
    C34 - Delhi Indigo A320
    C35 @MrFriday Riyadh Saudia B789
    C36 - Baharain Gulf Air A321
    C37 - Novosibirsk S7 A319
    C38 - Lahore Pakistan intl. B77L
    C39 - Medina Saudia B789
    C40 - Hyderabad Indigo A320
    C41 - Manila Cebu Pacific A319
    C42 - Chongqing Jiangbei Air China B789
    C43 - Toronto Air Canada B77W
    C44 - Zurich Swiss A333
    C45 - Istanbul Turkish B77W
    C46 - Frankfurt Lufthansa B744
    C47 @IconicUndead230 Singapore Singapore B77W
    C48 - Copenhagen Nor Shuttle B789
    C49 - Nirobi Kenya Airways B788
    C50 - Stockholm Nor Shuttle B789
    C51 - Amsterdam KLM B77W
    C52 - Muscat Oman Air B788
    C53 - Hong Kong Cathay Pacific A333
    C54 - Oslo Nor Shuttle B789
    C55 - Baharain Gulf Air A321
    C56 - Kochi Air India A321
    C57 - Baku Azerbaijan Airlines A319
    C58 - Manila Philippine B744
    C59 - kunming China Airlines A333
    C60 - Goa Air India A321
    C61 - Beijing Air China B789
    C62 - Paris Air France B772
    C63 - Novosibirsk S7 A319
    C64 - Dallas American airlines B789
    Terminal 2
    (Gate) (Attendant) (Destination) (Airline) (Aircraft)
    E01 - Mumbai Jet Airways B739
    E02 - Khartoum Flydubai B738
    E03 - Belgrade Flydubai B738
    E04 - Erbil Flydubai B738
    E05 - Sofia Flydubai B738
    E06 @Matthew_20204 Beirut Middle East Airlines A321
    E07 - Kuwait Flydubai B738
    E08 @JeromeJ Krasnodar Pashkovsky Flydubai B738
    E09 - Dammam Flydubai B738
    E10 - Borg Al Arab Flydubai B738
    E11 - Tabuk Flydubai B738
    E12 - Baghdad Flydubai B738
    E13 - Multan Flydubai B738
    E14 - Asmara Flydubai B738
    E31 - Kathmandu Flydubai B738
    E32 - Abha Flydubai B738
    E33 - Amsterdam Transavia B738
    E34 - Chennai Air India A321
    E35 - Faisalabad Flydubai B738
    E36 - Kabul Flydubai B738
    E37 - Balice Flydubai B738
    E38 - Djibouti Flydubai B738
    E39 - Al Najaf intl. Flydubai B738
    Terminal 3
    Concourse A
    (Gate) (Attendant) (Destination) (Airline) (Aircraft)
    A01 @ftube Sao Paulo Emirates B77L
    A02 - Shanghai Emirates A388
    A03 - Sydney Emirates A388
    A04 - Ho Chi Minh City Emirates B77W
    A05 - Lisbon Emirates B77W
    A06 - Toronto Emirates A388
    A07 @FuZion_Sami Miami Emirates B77L
    A08 - Paris Emirates A388
    A09 - adilade Emirates B77L
    A10 - Munich Emirates A388
    D01 - Dublin Emirates B77W
    D02 - Copenhagen Emirates A388
    D03 - Washington Emirates A388
    D04 - Male Emirates B77W
    D05 @Infi Los Angeles Emirates A388
    D06 - Madrid Emirates A388
    D07 - Tunis Emirates B77W
    D08 - Stockholm Emirates B77W
    D09 - Perth Emirates A388
    D10 - Muscat Emirates A388
    Concourse B
    (Gate) (Attendant) (Destination) (Airline) (Aircraft)
    B14 - Dusseldorf Emirates A388
    B15 - Johannesburg Emirates A388
    B16 - Manchester Emirates A388
    B17 - Barcelona Emirates A388
    B18 - Zurich Emirates A388
    B19 - Mauritius Emirates A388
    B20 - Heathrow Qantas A388
    B21 - Heathrow Qantas A388
    B22 - Auckland Emirates A388
    B23 - Birmingham Emirates A388
    B24 - Osaka Emirates A388
    B25 - Mumbai Emirates A388
    B26 - Houston Emirates A388
    B27 - Dallas Emirates A388
    F16 - Seattle Emirates B77W
    F17 - Edinburgh Emirates B77W
    F18 - Jakarta Emirates B77W
    F19 - Hanoi Emirates B77W
    F20 - Tokyo Emirates A388
    F21 - Zagreb Flydubai B738
    F22 - Kathmandu Flydubai B738
    F23 - Kuwait Emirates B77W
    F24 - Cario Emirates B77W
    F25 - Colombo Emirates B77W
    F26 - Brussels Emirates B77W
    F27 - Newark Liberty Emirates B77W
    Concourse C
    (Gate) (Attendant) (Destination) (Airline) (Aircraft)
    B01 - Tehran-IKA Emirates B77W
    B02 - Male Emirates B77W
    B03 - Dhaka Emirates B77W
    B04 @AirSerene Kuala Lumpur Emirates B77W
    B04 - Bangalore Emirates B77W
    B05 - Dar Es Salam Emirates B77W
    B06 - Hong Kong Emirates B77W
    B07 - Jakarta Emirates B77W
    B08 - Manila Emirates B77W
    B09 - Karachi Emirates B77W
    B10 - Munich Emirates B77W
    B11 - Sao Paulo Emirates B77W
    B12 - Rio de Janeiro Emirates B77W
    B13 - Tunis Emirates B77W
    F01 - Johannesburg Emirates B77W
    F02 - Zurich Emirates B77W
    F03 - Athens Emirates B77W
    F04 - Rome Emirates B77W
    F05 - Oslo Emirates B77W
    F06 - Vienna Emirates B77W
    F07 - Warsaw Emirates B77W
    F08 - Seattle Emirates B77W
    F09 - New York Emirates B77W
    F10 - Chicago Emirates B77W
    F11 - Mumbai Flydubai B738
    F12 - Prague Flydubai B738
    F13 - Amman Flydubai B738

    Server: Expert

    Airport: OMDB

    Time: 1700Z
    March 30, 2019 5:00 PM

    -Please be professional at all times
    -Listen to ATC (if applicable) or else use Unicom wisely
    -spawn 15 min before departure
    -No need for waiting for me if my game crashes or something,you can continue your departure schedule

    Any destinations that are not added can be added if requested with aircraft type and airline and destination!
    Important and useful links

    Cargo gates will be added only if someone requested for it!
    Happy flying,dont forget to sign up and G’day

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Friday Night Flight: The American Tour Part 1 @ KSEA - 150600ZFEB19

Air Canada Virtual Airlines | Off to Orlando @ CYYZ 161800ZFEB19

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    @Xpira wrote:

    Today we head off to Orlando, a flight suggestion given to us by one of our pilots.

    Flight Details

    Server - Expert Server [Expert]

    Aircraft - Boeing 767 [B767]
    - Livery - Air Canada

    Departure Airport - Toronto, Canada [CYYZ]

    Flight Time - [3h 50m]

    Arrival Orlando International Airport [KMCO]

    Date - February 16th, [2/16/19]

    Departure Time - 2019-02-16T18:00:00Z

    Zulu Time - 1800Z


    Please Spawn in around 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time

    Airport runway will be chosen by flight leader

    Listen to all instructions by ATC or another ACVA pilot to ensure this event runs smoothly.

    After you land stick around for some photos!

    Flight Plan


    Cruising Speed - knots 290 [M 0.78]

    Cruising Altitude - 36000ft


    You do not need to be in ACVA to participate on this event

    Gate 36 Empty [Leader]
    Gate 37 @PedroG
    Gate 38 @InfiniteNick
    Gate 39 @Lee88
    Gate 40 Empty
    Gate 27 Empty
    Gate 28 Empty
    Gate 29 Empty
    Gate 30 Empty
    Gate 31 Empty

    [More Gates Available]

    Check Us Out!


    Air Canada Virtual Airline is not responsible for any violations received during the event.

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[Complete!] IFAE Community Event ||| Launch Party! @ WSSS - 162000ZFEB19

Delta Destinations Vol. 6: Nostalgia in SoCal | @ KSAN - 232100ZFEB19

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    @Delta_Virtual wrote:

    Delta Destinations Vol. 6: Nostalgia in SoCal | @ KSAN - 232100ZFEB19

    Server: Expert Server

    Departure Airport: KSAN

    Departure Time: 2019-02-23T21:00:00Z

    Aircraft: Any aircraft smaller than or equal to the B752, in Delta livery.

    Welcome to Delta Virtual’s 6th Edition of Delta Destinations! In this special edition, we feature popular throwback routes before Global, and include a favorite airport before Global came out. For this event, we will start at KSAN (San Diego), head north to KLAX (Los Angeles), fly over to KNUC (San Clemente) for a touch and go, and end with the final leg headed to KPSP (Palm Springs). While KNUC may not be the most realistic place to fly, it was a popular destination before Global, and this serves to reminisce in the nostalgia. We hope you’ll enjoy this event!

    Route Plan:

    • KSAN-KLAX: ~1 hour

    • KLAX-KNUC: ~20 minutes (not including the time for a touch and go)

    • KNUC-KPSP: ~1 hour 15 minutes

    Total Expected Flight Time: ~3 hours, based on certain runways, weather, and number of touch and goes.

    Flight Plans will be available to copy from @MrMrMan, DLVA428.

    Reserving a gate is easy and open to ANY and ALL Pilots of the Infinite Flight Community!


    DLVA Members are asked to give their VA callsign.

    Delta Virtual officially opened behind its founder @USA007 on Dec. 26, 2016 and has soared to be one of the most active virtual airlines within the IFC. Behind the backing of an agreement with the real-world Delta Airlines, Delta Virtual has changed the VA game with a state-of-the-art website that is unlike any other on the IFC, custom built from the ground up, which provides the support for more than 175 members within a VA that has logged more flights, more flying miles, and more flying time than any other VA, hands down. Join Delta Virtual here today!

    Infinite Flight Delta VA is not affiliated with, endorsed, or sponsored by Delta Air Lines Inc. All Delta logos are registered trademarks of Delta Air Lines and are used by Licensee under license from Delta Air Lines Inc.

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Buffalo Sabres Flyout (Hockey City Flyout Series) @ KBUF - 241700ZFEB19

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    @ItsBlitz wrote:

    Hockey City Flyout Series

    I’ll be starting my Hockey Flyout Series. Each Flyout will be on a Sunday at 1700Z and we will have 32 Different Flyout with each team. Their will be no specified Gates but there will be a certain airline for each one!

    Buffalo Sabres Flyout

    We dedicate this flight to the Buffalo Sabres! We will be flying from Buffalo to Detroit

    Theme / Airline : Delta Connection (Delta)

    Server : Training

    Airport : KBUF

    Time : 1700Z

    NOTAM : Please Be
    Professional and follow ATC Instructions

    Aircraft : CRJ-200

    Route : KBUF-KDTW (Buffalo, New York - Detroit, Michigan )


    KBUF Tower:
    KBUF Ground:

    KDTW Tower:
    KDTW Ground:
    KDTW Approach:

    Join My Other Event!

    Hope You Can Attend!

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[Closed] Plane & Pilot Patterns: Yellowstone's Journey! @ KBZN - 161500ZFEB19

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    @Ryan_Vidad wrote:

    Plane and Pilot Patterns!

    Welcome to our Plane and Pilot Patterns featuring pilot, and controller! This weekend, our new controllers will face the rigorous terrain of Bozeman Yellowstone Int’l. Pilots will fly multiple patterns while enjoying the scenery of the Yellowstone Mountains, followed by clear skies, and a heap of snow caps! This airport has 1 main runway (Runway 30 & 12, followed by Runway (21 & 03) and Runway (11 & 21). The runway in use will be Runway 30, giving our controllers a harder, and easier job! We hope you can come explore the park with us as we take a journey to the outdoors


    Event Details

    Server: Training Server

    Aircraft: TBM-930 (Any Livery)

    Airport: KBZN

    Date / Time: 2019-02-16T15:00:00Z2019-02-16T16:00:00Z


    Pilots / Gates:
    Gate 01: @PlaneCrazy (Leader)
    Gate 02: @Ryan_Vidad
    Gate 03: @Nono45_FR
    Gate 04: @Rishon_R
    Gate 05: @TY_PLAY
    Gate 06: @Mattheus
    Gate 07: @Minnesota_Pilot
    Gate 08: @Plane_geek_101
    Reserve Gates (Extra)
    GA Ramp 01: @Sindto
    GA Ramp 02: @QFA_12
    GA Ramp 03: @Ivan_Lieu
    GA Ramp 04: @Kate_Russell
    GA Ramp 05: @zand3r
    GA Ramp 06: @RayWang
    1600-1630: @RayWang
    1630-1700: @samdog27
    ATC: You must be a member of Plane & Pilot ATC in order to control at this event.

    Thanks for checking our our event! If you want to join just post below!

    Event Credits

    Coordinator: @Ryan_Vidad

    ATC manager: @Ryan_Vidad

    Original Idea: @Cbro4

    Planning Team: @PlaneCrazy, @Starley, @Ryan_Vidad , @Peter_S


    Instagram | YouTube | Website | Infinite Flight | Slack

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{10 ATTENDING} [Sponsored by Plane & Pilot AND Southwest Virtual] End Of School Flyout @KBOS 221900ZJUN19

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    @baseball_inferno wrote:

    Server: Expert

    Airport: KBOS

    Time: 1900Z

    NOTAM: Please Follow ATC Instructions, If Applicable.

    Image Credit


    Why KBOS?

    The first public school in America was built on April 23rd, 1635 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Latin School serves as a Middle School and High School for grades 7-12. The original school house was the size of a two-story apartment, and has since grown to a building that fits over 2,400 students. It is located south of Cambridge, and resides near the approach into Runway 4L.

    More Info


    General Edward Lawrence Logan International Airport, also known as Boston Logan International, is an international airport in Boston. Opened in 1923, the 2,384 acre airport is a hub for a small airline called Cape Air, and serves as a focus city for Delta Air Lines, and JetBlue Airways. The airport is separated into four terminals:

    • Terminal A
    • Terminal B
    • Terminal C
    • Terminal E

    Terminal A serves Delta Air Lines, WestJet , and Southwest Airlines.
    Terminal B serves Air Canada, American Airlines, Boutique Air, Spirit Airlines, and United Airlines.
    Terminal C serves Aer Lingus, Alaska Airlines, Cape Air, JetBlue Airways, Sun Country, and TAP Air Portugal.
    Terminal E serves Air France, Alitalia, American Airlines, Avianca, Azores Airlines, British Airways, Cabo Verde Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, El Al, Emirates, Hainan Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia, Icelandair, Japan Airlines, JetBlue Airways, LATAM, Level, Lufthansa, Norwegian, Porter, Qatar, SAS, Swiss, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, and WOW.

    Terminal A
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Terminal A Gate 01 CYHZ 1hr 45mn WestJet Encore/Dash-8 Q400
    Terminal A Gate 02 KPHL 1hr Delta/CRJ-700
    Terminal A Gate 03 KLAX 6hr 15mn Delta/757-200
    Terminal A Gate 04 KMSP 3hr 15mn Delta/737-800
    Terminal A Gate 05 KTPA 3hr 15mn Delta/A319
    Terminal A Gate 06 KATL 2hr 45mn Delta/A321
    Terminal A Gate 07 KIND 3hr 45mn Delta/E170
    Terminal A Gate 08 KJFK 1hr 15mn Delta/A319
    Terminal A Gate 09 KLGA 1hr 15mn Delta/717-200 @joslleymiguel_holand
    Terminal A Gate 10 KMKE 3hr Delta/E170
    Terminal A Gate 11 KBNA or KRDU 3hr Delta/CRJ-900 or CRJ-700
    Terminal A Gate 13 KPBI 3hr 15mn Delta/A319
    Terminal A Gate 14 EHAM 6hr 45mn Delta/A330-300
    Terminal A Gate 15 KSEA 6hr 30mn Delta/737-800
    Terminal A Gate 16 LFPG 6hr 30mn Delta/767-300
    Terminal A Gate 17 KSLC 5hr 30mn Delta/737-900
    Terminal A Gate 18 KBWI 1hr 15mn Southwest/737-700 @JeromeJ
    Terminal A Gate 19 KATL 3hr Southwest/737-700 @Devon_Mo_piedmont114
    Terminal A Gate 20 KATL 3hr Southwest/737-700 @Cargo
    Terminal A Gate 21 KDEN 5hr Southwest/737-800 @Luke_Sta
    Terminal A Gate 22 KMDW 2hr 30mn Southwest/737-800 @AviationJack
    Terminal B
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Terminal B Gate 01
    Terminal B Gate 01A
    Terminal B Gate 02 CYYZ 2hr Air Canada/E175
    Terminal B Gate 03 CYUL 45mn Air Canada/CRJ-900
    Terminal B Gate 04 KORD 3hr 15mn American/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 06
    Terminal B Gate 07 KDFW 4hr American/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 08 KMIA 3hr 45mn American/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 09A KCLT 2hr 30mn American/A321
    Terminal B Gate 10 KPHL 1hr 30mn American/A320
    Terminal B Gate 11 KLAX 6hr 15mn American/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 12 KPHL 2hr American/A321
    Terminal B Gate 13
    Terminal B Gate 14 KPHX 6hr 15mn American/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 16 KPHL 1hr 30mn American/A320
    Terminal B Gate 17 KDCA 2hr 15mn American/A320
    Terminal B Gate 18 KSFO 7hr JetBlue/A321
    Terminal B Gate 19 KLGA 45mn American (generic)/E190
    Terminal B Gate 20 KDCA 1hr 15mn American/A320
    Terminal B Gate 21
    Terminal B Gate 22
    Terminal B Gate 23 KDEN 4hr 30mn United/737-900 @DEN_Airport
    Terminal B Gate 24 KLAX 6hr 45mn United/757-200
    Terminal B Gate 25 KIAH 4hr 30mn United/737-900
    Terminal B Gate 26 KSFO 6hr 45mn United/757-200
    Terminal B Gate 27 KIAD 1hr 45mn United/A320
    Terminal B Gate 28 KDEN 4hr 45mn United/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 29 KCLE 2hr 15mn United/CRJ-700/200
    Terminal B Gate 30 KEWR 1hr 30mn United/A320
    Terminal B Gate 31 KEWR 1hr 30mn United/737-800
    Terminal B Gate 32
    Terminal B Gate 33
    Terminal B Gate 34
    Terminal B Gate 35
    Terminal B Gate 36 KROC 1hr 30mn American/CRJ-200
    Terminal B Gate 37 KBWI 1hr 30mn Spirit (generic)/A319
    Terminal B Gate 38 KRSW 3hr 45mn Spirit/A320
    Terminal C
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Terminal C Gate 08 KSAN 6hr 45mn JetBlue/A321
    Terminal C Gate 09 KPHL 1hr 45mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 10 KRSW 3hr 30mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 11 KLGA 1hr 30mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 12 KRDU 2hr 15mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 14 KBWI 2hr 15mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 15 KPIT 2hr 30mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 16 KJFK 1hr 15mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 17 TJSJ 4hr JetBlue/A320 @Kevinsoto1502
    Terminal C Gate 18 KPHX 6hr 15mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 19 KSEA 6hr 30mn JetBlue/A321
    Terminal C Gate 20 KFLL 3hr 45mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 21 KFLL 3hr 30mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 25 KTPA 3hr 30mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 26 KJAX 3hr 30mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 27 KCLE 2hr JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 28 KDCA 1hr 45mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 29 KSJC 7hr JetBlue/A320 @BigBert10
    Terminal C Gate 30 KBNA 2hr 45mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 31 KLAX 6hr 45mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 32 KRDU 2hr 15mn JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 33 KLGB 6hr 45mn JetBlue/A320
    Terminal C Gate 34 KRDU 3hr JetBlue/E190
    Terminal C Gate 36 EIDW 6hr Aer Lingus (generic)/A330-300
    Terminal C Gate 40 KPDX 6hr 45mn Alaska/737-900
    Terminal C Gate 41 KSEA 6hr 45mn Alaska/737-900 @Dylan_M
    Terminal C Gate 42 KSAN 7hr 15mn Alaska/737-800
    Cape Air 01 KMVY 45mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 02 KALB 1hr TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 03 KPVC 15mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 04 KACK 30mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 05 KHYA 30mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 06 KRUT 1hr TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 07 KLEB 30mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 08 KBHB 1hr TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 09 KAUG 45mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 10 KRKD 45mn TBM-930/Navy Blue
    Cape Air 11
    Cape Air 12
    Cape Air 13
    Terminal E
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    Terminal E Gate E01 OMDB 12hr 15mn Emirates/777-300ER
    Terminal E Gate E02 CYTZ 2hr 15mn Porter/Dash-8 Q400
    Terminal E Gate E03 LLBG 10hr El Al (generic) 777-200ER
    Terminal E Gate E04 EGKK 6hr 30mn Norwegian/787-9
    Terminal E Gate E05 OTHH 11hr 30mn Qatar/777-300ER
    Terminal E Gate E06 BIKF 4hr 45mn Icelandair/757-200
    Terminal E Gate E07 LEMD 6hr 45mn Iberia (Generic)/A330-300
    Terminal E Gate E08 KATL 3hr 30mn Delta/767-300
    Terminal E Gate E09 LFPG 6hr 30mn Air France (generic)/787-9
    Terminal E Gate E10 EGLL 6hr British Airways 747-400
    Terminal E Gate E11 VHHH 15hr 30mn Cathay Pacific/777-300ER @Captain_JR
    Terminal E Gate E12 RJAA 14hr Japan Airlines/787-9

    The Cargo Apron is operated by DHL Aviation, FedEx Express, and UPS.

    Cargo Apron
    Gate Destination ETE to Destination Airline/Plane User
    North Cargo 01
    North Cargo 02
    North Cargo 03
    North Cargo 03W
    North Cargo 04
    North Cargo 04W
    North Cargo 05
    North Cargo 05A
    North Cargo 06
    North Cargo 06W
    North Cargo 07
    North Cargo 08
    North Cargo 09
    North Cargo 10
    North Cargo 11
    North Cargo 12 (H7)
    North Cargo 12A (H6)
    North Cargo 13 (H5)
    North Cargo 13A (H5)
    North Cargo 14 (DHL Express) KCVG 2hr DHL/757-200
    North Cargo 15
    North Cargo 16 (UPS Airlines) KSDF 2hr 15mn UPS (generic)/767-300
    North Cargo 17 (UPS Airlines) KDFW 4hr UPS/A330-200F
    North Cargo 18
    North Cargo 18 (H8)
    North Cargo 18 (H12)
    North Cargo 18A
    North Cargo 19
    North Cargo 19 (H9)
    North Cargo 19 (H10)
    North Cargo 19 (H11)
    North Cargo 19A
    North Cargo 20
    North Cargo 20A
    North Cargo 21
    North Cargo 22
    South Cargo 08 (FedEx Express) KIND 2hr 15mn FedEx (generic)/767-300
    South Cargo 09 (FedEx Express) KEWR 45mn FedEx (generic)/767-300
    South Cargo 10 (FedEx Express) KMEM 3hr FedEx (generic)/767-300
    South Cargo 11 (FedEx Express)
    South Cargo 12 (FedEx Express)
    South Cargo 13A (FedEx Feeder) KMHT 15mn FedEx/208 Caravan
    South Cargo 13B (FedEx Feeder)
    South Cargo 14 (FedEx Express)

    General Aviation (GA) Gates/Aprons/Ramps will be added if requested.

    Please use Flightaware.com or Simbrief.com for making your flight plans. Thanks!

    Sponsored by Plane & Pilot Events

    More Info

    This event has received a sponsorship from Plane & Pilot Events and will be advertised on the Plane & Pilot Slack and receive P&P ATC if it is on the training server. if you have any questions about Plane & Pilot sponsorships, please contact @PlaneCrazy or @Peter_S.


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Boston Bruins Flyout (Hockey City Flyout Series) @ KBOS - 171700ZFEB19

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    @ItsBlitz wrote:

    Hockey City Flyout Series

    I’ll be starting my Hockey Flyout Series. Each Flyout will be on a Sunday at 1700Z and we will have 32 Different Flyout with each team. Their will be no specified Gates but there will be a certain airline for each one!


    Boston Bruins Flyout

    We will be taking a flight to West Palm Beach or KPBI From Boston in the JetBlue A320

    Theme / Airline: JetBlue

    Server: Training

    Airport: KBOS

    Time: 1700Z

    NOTAM: Please Be
    Professional and follow ATC Instructions

    Aircraft: A320-200

    Route: KBOS-KPBI (Boston, Massachusetts -West Palm Beach, Florida)


    KBOS Ground: @samdog27
    KBOS Tower:
    KBOS Departure:

    KPBI Ground:
    KPBI Tower:
    KPBI Approach: @Infinite_flight_A320

    Hope You Can Attend!

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Isla Del Encanto Flyout! - @ TJSJ - 031800MAR19 [Sponsored by Tailwinds Flying Club]

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    @Kevinsoto1502 wrote:

    Isla Del Encanto Flyout

    About this event: San Juan is the Capital of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. San Juan is the third biggest city in the Caribbean. San Juan is known for it’s beautiful landmarks, amazing food, and culture. Not too far away (3 miles Southeast of San Juan) in Carolina, Puerto Rico is the famous Luiz Muñoz Marin International Airport. SJU is the busiest airport in the Caribbean nearly carrying up to 9 Million passengers a year per the FAA. After what happened to Puerto Rico almost 2 years ago, we are working to get the island back to how it was. Although Puerto Rico looks just as good as it was before the Hurricane and the airport achieving more than normal status again, everything seems to be running just right…

    This is a flyout event! This means you will not haved established route, Instead choose gate with pre-selected route. If you wish to change destination, please ask me!


    Event Information

    Server: Expert

    Airport: Luiz Muñoz Marin International Airport (San Juan, PR) (SJU)

    Date & Time: 2019-03-03T18:00:00Z

    SJU SID (Standard Instrument Departures)










    Please Note

    • Please spawn at your assigned Gate 15 Minutes prior to the event starting for screenshots!

    • Please be respectful of the Unicom. We do not want trolls ruining the event for others.

    • Do not attempt to pushback at the same time as the plane next to you. Please wait till he has cleared behind you.

    • You are responsible for your flight plan and fuel. You can always use #tutorials as reference and guidance for tips or use fpltoif.com

    • Please be patient and do not act immature and ruin the event for other. Please act professional and realistic. Pilots may use SID and STARS. Find them on skyvectors.com

    • Runways will be announced the day of the event based on real life.

    Commercial Gates

    Terminal A (JetBlue Terminal) ~ Almost Full
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    A01 @Matthew_20204 Copa PTY B738
    A02 @Hendry_Jose_Torres_C JetBlue STI E190
    A03 JetBlue BOS A320
    A04 @zand3r JetBlue STT A320
    A05 @Kevinsoto1502 JetBlue FLL A320
    A06 JetBlue JFK A321
    A07 JetBlue EWR A320
    Terminal B ~ 2 Gates Left
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    B02 @harmyd United IAD B739
    B03 @Luke_Sta Southwest MDW B737
    B04 @FuZion_Sami Spirit FLL A321
    B05 @Plane-Train-TV Southwest BWI B737
    B06 @Captain_JR United IAH B738
    B07 @Joseph007 Southwest HOU B738
    B08 @757fan United EWR B767
    B09 @Nikolas_Zahariadis Delta JFK B739
    B10 Delta MSP B739
    B11 Delta ATL B739
    Terminal C
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    C02 Avianca BOG A318
    C03 Allegiant SFB A320
    C04 WestJet YYZ B738
    C05 Condor FRA B767
    C06 American DFW B738
    C07 @joslleymiguel_holand American MIA B738
    C08 American CLT B738
    C09 Frontier MCO A321
    C10 Frontier PHL A321
    FedEx Cargo Ramp
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    FedEx Ramp 01 FedEx MEM MD-11F
    FedEx Feeder 02 FedEx Feeder ANU C208
    FedEx Feeder 03 FedEx Feeder STX C208
    FedEx Feeder 04 @Bacsek_Balint FedEx Feeder SXM C208
    FedEx Feeder 05 FedEx Feeder PTP C208
    UPS Cargo Ramp
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    UPS Ramp 01 UPS SDF MD-11F
    UPS Ramp 02 UPS JAX MD-11F
    GA Ramp
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    GA01 Private TBD TBM-930
    GA02 Private TBD CCX
    GA03 Private TBD TBM-930
    GA04 Private TBD CCX
    GA05 Private TBD TBM-930
    GA06 Private TBD CCX
    GA07 Private TBD TBM-930
    GA08 Private TBD CCX
    GA09 Private TBD TBM-930
    GA10 Private TBD CCX
    Military Ramp
    Gate Pilot Airline Destination Aircraft
    ANG01 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG02 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG03 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG04 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG05 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG06 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG07 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG08 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG09 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG10 USAF SSC C130J-30
    ANG11 USAF SSC C130J-30
    1. @JeromeJ

    Due too not all airlines and Terminal D being closed for renovations in real life, Terminal D is not included

    If you have any questions about the event please feel free to pm me! Hope you all enjoy…


    Sponsored By:

    TailWinds Flying Club

    Tailwinds Flying Club | Join Nothing But The Best

    I was given permission to use this format from @VAnuj

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